Konstruction Khronicles: Week 5 (Part 2)

Since we knew we were gonna be at the new unit to check out the carpentry progress last weekend, we decided to get some other stuff settled as well - like the delivery of our dining table and chairs as well as appointments with curtain specialists. Whoop whoop!

Delivery of Dining Table & Chairs

That's our dining table and chairs which we ordered from Comfort Design HURRAY!!! We got them delivered last Saturday afternoon and they are the Norya Dining Table and Titus Wood-V1 Chairs in white.

To be honest, when we were at Comfort Design last two weeks, we were very worried about the colour of the table legs clashing with our colour palette. Unfortunately we couldn't find anything else we like + within our budget anywhere else so we decided to just 'kamikaze' in the end. And now that the dining table and chairs are in our living room, we think the table legs memang too dark for our liking :/

We'll live with them for the next few months to see if the colour grows on us but if not, we're considering spray painting them white terus. We'll see how lah eh. But other than that, we're very happy with our purchase!!! Both the table and chairs are very sturdy and very comfortable. We know because we dined at the table with another couple malam tu jugak hehehe

Appointments with Curtains Specialists

previously blogged about ordering curtains from a shop in Joo Chiat but I got a little annoyed when my calls were left unanswered and not returned. So many players in the industry for me to choose from, why should I wait for you when you cannot even answer or return calls, betul tak? And to think I timed my phonecalls to be at generally convenient timings and spaced out between each other to kasi chance pfft

So I contacted 2 other curtain specialists to get their quotes instead - Rene from Windows & Waltz and Andy from Soon Seng Heng. I knew Windows & Waltz from Shidah (who blogged about them here) whereas I discovered Soon Seng Heng from good old Google search. 

There are so many other curtain specialists hawking their services online but I chose these two based on the simplicity of their websites lololol. So superficial I know, but I follow my gut feeling also hor!!! Andy from Soon Seng Heng was especially impressive with his email replies - very prompt and to the point. Also helps that his quote is much lesser than $1500 (which was the quote from auntie langsir kat Joo Chiat)

But in the end, we cancelled our afternoon appointment with Soon Seng Heng because we decided to engage Rene of Windows and Waltz (who came to our unit in the morning) on the spot! Her quote was $1200 for the curtains and blinds we chose for our 3 rooms, which is below S$1500 too wtf how come the first auntie langsir kat Joo Chiat punya quote sampai $1500 one!!! Mintak kena bedal jadi sambal ke ape siak.

Anyway, Rene was super nice and we really like her! Good vibes. She was also willing to rush our order walaupun sekarang tengah peak festive period. If anyone wants to engage her for curtains and blinds you can quote my name and she can give friend friend discount tau!

Some other stuff we managed to do: More packing and purchase of a whistling kettle! I also won myself a blender from a lucky draw last Saturday! Which means that's two items off our home wishlist yay yay :D

Anyway, here's a quick list of things that will happen this week:

(1) installation of kitchen and bathroom sink counter-tops

(2) delivery of our mattress from Tilam King

(3) installation of storage rack

We're already at the tail end of our renovation and I'm all burned out from all the trips and decisions and bloody packing we've been doing for the past 5 weeks. Gimme my functioning home already!!!!!

I will now end this entry with a familiar picture of my husband vacuuming our house. Again.

I wasn't joking when I said I can compile and sell a pictorial book called "Saliheen Cleaning Things" YOU GAIZE


  1. yang part vacuum tu, i dun blame saliheen la cos its NORMAL. Yan will vacuum our house on alternate days becos it is very dusty even tho kita tutup tingkap during the day. Maybe habuk2 neighbours lain yg tgh ongoing renovations flying around.

    1. i understand if the floors are dusty but ours weren't

  2. Maybe he tryna hint your kaki kotor. Hahahahahaha.


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