Konstruction Khronicles: Week 6 (Part 1)

JENG JENG JENG. We weren't expecting this at all but our counter-tops are installed already!!! 

Our contractor janji counter-tops will be ready by today or tomorrow so we were pleasantly surprised when we went to our unit yesterday to drop off some barang barang and saw the kitchen transformed. Pictures were taken at night so lighting isn't the best but hopefully I'll get better pictures of the kitchen counter-top and the bathroom sink counter-tops (those are ready too!) this coming weekend. 

Saliheen and I are madly in love with our kitchen now. He was skeptical about the counter-top design at first but I convinced him that this white with black and brown specks counter-top will "add character" to our white kitchen. Character ape pun aku tak tau lah actually, but somehow it works lah kan.


  1. awwww such a pretty hommies ... 1st pic i tot mcm ice cream potong cocolate chip .. hehehe

    1. heheee thank you babe! didn't think of it that way but now that you mentioned it, a'ah seh macam ice cream potong chocolate chip!!! hahaha


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