Konstruction Khronicles: Week 6 (Part 3)

Dulu dulu before ada rumah sendiri, Saliheen and I like to make random trips down to the Big Three at Tampines North Drive 2 - IKEA, Giant Hypermart and Courts Megastore - to tengok tengok barang and berangan pasal our future home! Sekarang bila dah ada rumah sendiri and we need to make trips to all of them for home-related purchases... PERGI SAMPAI THE PENAT IS TAK KELAKAR SIAK.

Dah tak nak turun naik sana lagi until tahun depan!!!

Boleh imagine tak, kita actually turun naik IKEA and Giant Hypermart for a few weekends in a row tau! IN A GODDAMN ROW!!!!! If IKEA and Giant Hypermart handed out permanent residency passes, memang kita dah layak for PR status dah.

Last weekend lagi kecoh because we went to all three within a few hours. BETUL PEH CONQUER! And pergi bukan setakat tengok tengok je tau, ni pergi to make purchase hor! Kita banyak rasa sakit seh on that day - Sakit kaki berjalan, sakit tangan angkat barang beribu and sakit kocek membayar. Lol!

First and second pictures are of the queue and our purchases from IKEA last weekend, and the last picture is of my housewife husband feeling and looking jubilant after his steam cleaner purchase from Courts. I thought lega lah sikit my hearing if dah takde someone nagging non-stop at my ears about the benefits of steam cleaners but now I have to tahan the sound of steam cleaner being used incessantly inside the house pulak wtf!!!!! #cannotwin

We also made trips down to heartland hardware stores to beli household items like clothes pegs and pails as well as to Mustafa Centre to borong some oils and spices and dry items! 

My husband also set aside some time to fix up all our IKEA purchases - Billy Bookcase (S$59.00), Micke Desk with Integrated Storage (S$99.00) and Lack TV Bench (S$19.90). Wahhhhh my hero!

(Hero hero pun, the next day sampai sakit sakit budak hero ni lololol)

Sneak peek of my vanity table setup! ❤.

Remember I actually wanted to re-use Saliheen's existing Micke Desk? Saliheen thinks it's a little too small and he doesn't want to dismantle the desk to bring over so we decided to get a brand new one from the same series but with integrated storage! Boleh jugak letak barang for showcase. (He also murmured that the extra storage will come in handy for my "excessive collection of beauty products" wtf jangan ingat I tak dengar eh!)

Our house is now alllllmost ready for us to live in, you gaize!!! We're left with curtains and delivery of our washing machine and fridge, which are all due to arrive at our unit this coming Friday HURRAY! 

We're still not moving out from my parents' place until Christmas Eve though, since our gas turn-on appointment can only be arranged for next week. Senang cakap one week from now I'll be sleeping in my new home for the very first time!!!!! Hopefully I don't start to melalak into the night kerana rindukan rumah lama :( I didn't think I'll be emotional about moving out of my parents' home but a few nights ago I started sobbing while eating my mum's ketam lemak so who knows what will happen on the eve of Christmas :/


  1. Hey hey been awhile since i read your entries.Missed your reno process ,could have recommend cost savings measure buying from selected SG shops,Taobao and JB shops and selected warehouse sales.Congrats on the completion of your new house.No brick walls to compliment the scandi theme?*evil grins*

    1. It's okay! Thank you for your consideration, anyway :)

      Nope, no brick walls because my husband and I, we're not into that sort of thing


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