Konstruction Khronicles: Week 6 (Week 2)

It's been a busy weekend and banyak benda dah berlaku for our new home since I last updated! Can you believe that our home renovation is now officially over????? 6 weeks felt like 6 hours! (Bedek hahaha) 

Will blog more about our contractor and share thoughts about the whole renovation process once our payment to our contractor is settled and I can catch a breather! In the meantime, I ceritakan dulu pasal what happened over the last weekend eh.

Completion of counter-top installation

Already blogged last Thursday on how our kitchen and bathroom sink counter-tops are already installed so I'll just share a few more pictures taken last weekend. 

Frame in the last picture is senget, I know, but we'll fix it proper when we've printed the content, I promise! Anyway, we both looove how everything turned out, I'm just a little iffy with the bathroom cabinets' laminate design but Saliheen thinks it looks okay now with the countertop installed. Whatevzzz, me is definitely loving the bathroom mirrors more!!!

Anyway, our contractor helped to do some drilling works last weekend as well so we listed down all the areas where we needed drilling. Nothing much really, just some hooks for picture frames and a clock in the living room. As you can see, we bought the el cheapo S$1.50 plastic clock from IKEA as a temporary solution! Sementara kita cari clock yang kita betul betul suka and boleh afford.

Installation of Storage Rack

Also had professionals over to install our storage rack last weekend! Too many choices in the market for storage rack so we decided to just order from a company that slotted their 10% discount voucher through our door. Since the prices are about the same across the market, 10% off pun okaylah, kita ambik jelah.

Not too fussy about storage rack lah, we didn't care bolted ke tak bolted ke or the planks are wood ke metal ke, so we just told the guy in charge we want 1 storage rack 'N' in grey. (You can ask for 2 racks if you want them in L-shape) He came with another person for installation and it only took them 15 minutes to install the whole thing. Very speedy gonzales.

If you tak cerewet pasal storage rack macam kita jugak, you can call or text Mr Lai at 6441 7809 or 9816 6358. Mungkin boleh try tanya pasal the 10% discount because he didn't even ask me for proof of voucher before he left and said "No need, no need" when  I wanted to pass it to him lolzzz.

Original price for our 4-tiered 56 inch (in length) rack was S$130, but with discount we paid S$117 only. It's bolted, comes with wooden planks, and ada grey or brown colour.

Very happy we got the storage rack installed and settled because that means we can start moving some of our barang barang into the storeroom already! Yayyyyy. Dah boleh start unpack, declutter and shift things out from our guestroom, yang sebelum ni looks like this:

Sekarang tinggal nak shift our our clothes and shoes from my parents' home aje, can you believe it! Berbaloi jugak kita shift barang barang kita sikit sikit sampai lama lama jadi bukit.

Delivery of Mattress from Tilam King

We also got our mattress from Tilam King delivered last weekend!!! Best tau golek golek!!!

We got the Premiere Series, which we ordered 2 months ago. So pleased with this purchase!!!

Kita belum bukak the protective sheet and belum pasang bedsheets segala because we want to get the curtains installed first. Takut berhabuk during the curtain installation pulak.

Besides all of that, we also used our time during the weekend to bersihkan the rumah sikit and made several trips to beli barang rumah omg PENAT TAK TERHINGGA TAU!!!!! Jangan cakap my hands and feet, my hati jantung limpa segala pun mintak ampun!!! Nanti I ceritakan pasal our recent purchases in the next entry eh sebab kalau tak, y'all pulak yang penat nak baca entry ni.

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