Don't want none unless you got buns hun

Saliheen and I made our own bread yesterday! Well, technically they were buns for our mini burgers, which were bloody delish by the way. It all started when we were watching (more like salivating over haha) cooking tutorials on Youtube and we chanced upon one by The Fabulous Baker Brothers:

Changed the lard to ghee, and increased the temperature to 200 - 230 degrees Celsius since the buns weren't cooked as fast with the recommended temperature (100 degrees Celsius) in the tutorial. Probably because The Fabulous Baker Brothers used traditional clay ovens to bake their buns whereas we're using our regular built-in oven at home. 

We had excess dough so we experimented and tried moulding the dough into a muffin tin tray. Good results! In fact the buns you see in the picture above is from the muffin tin tray haha. The ones we laid out on a tray turned out well too, cuma ours were a little too big for the meat patties in the end - note to self: remember that the dough will increase in size so keep them small. 

I'm quite obsessed with the idea of baking banana and walnut/almond bread this weekend pulak (Banana bread is my favourite kind!) and I'm thinking of trying out Nigella Lawson's recipe which can be found here, although hers look more like banana cake? *shrugs* We have plans to visit Saliheen's parents this weekend too so maybe I'll bake one for them. Even if tak menjadi I can roll the batter into balls and say I made jemput jemput pisang lololol sembarang je sial


  1. I've made patties from scratch before but not the buns to go with it. Shall give those I try soon!

    1. Homemade buns are soooooooo good! I might never buy bread from stores anymore seh. Try it! Don't have to use this recipe, just Google for homemade bread recipes and there's so many that you can pick and follow


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