New Year In Bali

So as y'all would know, I was in Bali and Gili over the new year weekenddddd.

I first blogged about my plans to visit Bali and Gili with friends here, and now I'm obviously going to blog about it! 6 months in the making oi, korang tak boleh rasa ke kita punya ghairah.

29 December 2014 (Monday)

Landed in Denpasar at about 10.00am and met up with Kumang, our Bali driver. We were not supposed to get him initially tau - our actual driver Gede couldn't make it because his dad passed away the night before we were supposed to arrive in Bali, you see :(

It was a quite bummer because our replacement driver was merepek meraban taik apek colour papan. I don't know whether to rage about him now or nanti so maybe we see bila my tocang want to naik during the course of this entry eh.

Journey from airport to our villa was about an hour, I think, I didn't really care because I slept for most of the van ride hehe. Pictures of villa adalah harus, obviously!!!

We stayed at Narandha & Tierandha Villa (There's literally two villas only named Narandha and Tierandha and we got the Narandha one) and were all oohs and aahs when we arrived... such a wonderful and pretty place!!! The caretaker was Putra, who received glowing reviews in TripAdvisor and rightfully so because he was sooooo nice and accommodating. 

The downside of this villa is that it's pretty deep in? Good for guests who want some peace and privacy but drivers might not be able to find at first try kalau tak familiar. Our driver couldn't locate it and had to get villa staff to come out and guide our driver. At first I thought he was just being his lousy self but when another guy came to pick us up for our ferry to Gili, he lost his way as well :/

The villa is a 10-minute walk out to the main street where the shops are (which is good enough) but a 30-minute walk to the nearest beach. So if you want to feeling feeling live by the beach then no chance lah with this villa. Kalau nak feeling feeling as one with the nature maybe boleh. Because ada one night we came back to villa with bugs all over the common area floor... and a psychoactive toad tengah duduk atas meja. 

Cantik je dia duduk. Yang tak cantik is me screaming and squirming away from the table when I realized I was standing sebelah a katak hahahaha. We only knew it was a psychoactive toad when the caretaker came to remove it and said it was from the species where "you can lick its back and get a trip" wtf

Water pressure for all the bathrooms was weak and merepek at first but we complained to Putra who got it fixed so we got decent showers after that. Villa also comes with free wifi but connection can get trippy at times. Banyak jilat katak agaknya.

Went out to makan and visit Canggu after we unloaded our luggages at the villa!

Honestly the first day kinda sucked. When we arrived at the villa, it started raining and the rain didn't stop for a good part of the day. We also travelled 2 bloody hours to go to Deus Ex Machina which is located in Canggu - it was not something we could have avoided or cancelled because one of our friends die die nak pergi tengok motor kat situ.

Lepas tu we were supposed to head over to Tanah Lot for the sunset but we were all tooooo exhausted from the journey - bear in mind we had another 2 hours to rempuh balek to Seminyak! - so we decided to have local food at a Sederhana outlet near our villa then balek villa to lepak lepak.

I should also probably mention that this was the day we realized kita datang Bali salah musim because there were traffic jams everywhere and we were doomed to be stuck in traffic for hours wherever we planned to go. Tenkz.

30 December 2014 (Tuesday)

Woke up bright and early for a super sedap and super nourishing breakfast - check out those yummy organic juices!!! - before heading to Kuta Beach for some sun, sand and shopping mua ha ha ha ha.

We were supposed to go Tanjong Benoa for flying fish but decided it was too much of a hassle and waste of time to travel setakat for flying fish so kita niat hati nak lepak and get some drinks at Potato Head Beach Club first before heading to Kuta. But we weren't allowed in since the place was fully booked so bo pian lor. Nasib kentang lor.


Kuta kutu boys spendin' cash like rich ass millionaires. Feeling ler tu dengan rupiah korang lolz

We were faaamished by the time we were done with our shopping in Kuta (it was about 4.30pm) so we hopped onto our van and headed straight to the famous Jimbaran Bay. I mean, it's Jimbaran Bay. I do not know a single person who has gone to Bali who has not recommended Jimbaran Bay to me.

Few pictures of the sunset because it gor~ge~ous~ But no pictures of our food because it was rubbish.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Didn't expect me to say that, right?!?!?!?! Okay lah okay lah, the food wasn't that bad but it wasn't the best, either. Bau mulut aku time baru bangun tido lagi fresh ah aku rasa. 

They also had a pakcik pakcik band who went from one table to another to serenade the guests? I know it's cara dorang cari makan but I found it a little... unsettling. *shrugs* Better to force restaurant guests to listen to their singing and get reluctant tips than to have them pickpocket people on the streets, I guess.

Anyway, since the food I had was sub-par, I obviously can't recommend you a place to go if you want to head to Jimbaran Bay in Bali. But I can tell you which restaurant in Jimbaran Bay that you should ABSOLUTELY NOT GO TO: Sri Gangga Cafe

Lucky ah I took note of the restaurant name. Just did a Google search and almost fainted. So many bad reviews wtf!!! You can read them here and here. Kauzzzzz... lousy driver recommendation much??? 

Yes, we were brought to this shithole by Kumang k. Dia dah bawak gi tempat tak best takpe, dia tak help us order and didn't sit with us to make sure we get local prices as promised??? My friends who have been to Bali (including Faezah and Rai) cakap their drivers will tolong order and get local prices k. Meh.

31 December 2014 (Wednesday)

I also got to experience white water rafting for the first time.


Don't get me wrong, I liked the whole thrillz and spillz of white water rafting but that's it ah. Nobody told me I had to fucking trek to the end of the fucking universe before I will reach the river wtf!!!!! 

To my fellow unsuspecting unsporty and unfit friends, do NOT make the same mistake as me and think that you only have to walk a short straight road to get to the river. Ho ho hooo no. You have to trek down small slippery steps in the freaking jungle k. About 900 million steps down to the river k. Especially worse when your unsuspecting ass wears a pair of cheapo slippers k. Tak kelakar k.

This was pretty much me when we were halfway down, except I'm not as fit as Thor so it was WORSE:

Actually my own fault also lah, I didn't ask around and didn't do my own research as to what white water rafting entails. I mean, how the fuck I know people would actually do this for fun, right?!?!?!?!

Oh hey, let's pay good money to endanger our knees and lives trekking down slippery steps in a foreign jungle, use all of our energy to raft down the river and then spice things up by trekking UP the steps again while we're still bloody wet and exhausted from 2 hours of rafting??? Yay???

Darling, please. I'm not the one who needs to do more squats, you're the one who needs to do some reflection on your fucking life choices.

Here's a picture of us with our paddles before we started our long trek down:

Saliheen said we look like we were going to rewang masak nasi briyani HAHAHAHAHA DIAM SAK

Here's another picture of us in the river... just look at my crappy face! Might not seem like it but that, my friend, is the face of someone screaming internally into the depths of the Ubud river hahaha

Although one time I had to let out an actual scream because a fucking spider dropped on my arm. Not just any adik adik spider k, it was spider dari dalam hutan and was as big as a tennis ball wtf bulu roma aku naik sampai ke bulan sial!!!!!

I also want to mention that I broke down twice during my post-rafting trek up because I was just... in a lot of pain okay? "Sobbing hysterically in the jungles of Ubud" was not exactly on my wishlist but I guess I can tick it off as one of things I have done in life now.

Must say our guide was an absolute gem, though, he was so funny and so patient and so nice!!! He's the stoic one pictured at the back. Probably can maintain the same stoic face while fighting off crocodiles while rafting down lolzzz

The company we were booked the package with seemed a-okay too (Their name is Toekad and their website is here, if you're interested) and they provided stuff like waterproof bags and towels for us. Had a quick shower at their facility (where my two girlfriends abandoned me when a group of nyonya PRC swarmed the open showers in the nude TENKZ GAIZE aku dah biasa dah mandi with a bevy of nyonya bogel) before tucking in to the lunch provided with the water rafting package.

Had another looooooooong journey back to Seminyak, where we asked our driver to drop us off kat luar so we can do some light shopping (Masih ah). Walked down the shops and bought some stuff, grabbed local grub at a warung near our villa and then we siap siap for New Year partehhhhh.

We planned to go La Plancha for our New Year party actually but it was fully booked wtf so we settled for the nearest Seminyak Beach which was 30 minutes away from our villa. Didn't use our driver because that would have meant 2 hours stuck in traffic oh tidak!!!!! We ended up at a beach bar that had bean bags for usage anyway so kirakan macam La Plancha imitation ah gitu lololol

It started raining five minutes past midnight so we rempuh the bloody insane crowd spilling over the streets of Seminyak to get back to our villa. Washed up and changed into our pyjamas and had a pyjama party by the pool instead lololol WE ARE SO HIPZ

Anyway, I didn't get to say my new year wishes amidst the busy new year weekend so here it is: 

✹✹✹✹✹ HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✹✹✹✹✹

I really want to blog pasal saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015 but tengah malas nak be all pensive and inspirational and shit lololol. Lagipun next entry I nak blog pasal Gili and my collective thoughts pasal this whole trip so nak kena stay hyped up! If you thought me being in pain while trekking and water rafting is funny, wait until I tell you what happened to me and a horse fucking carriage in Gili. 


  1. Hahaha you sure know how to make me look forward to your next entry. Quickkk hehe

    1. Ya ya very funny right!!!!! Don't know why my trip was this eventful srsly

    Eh why u so kecoh one! Lol. Almost everyone i know yang holiday kat Bali (including myself) found our holiday very err.. zen. Ala ala Eat Pray Love lah sgt.

    and then i cannot stop laughing at yours because really dah mcm org bandar masuk kampung, with the big-ass spider and the nyonya bogel segala. LOL

    1. KECOH KAN?!?!?! It was sooooo ridiculous how the whole trip made me feel very CiTyGaL87 HAHAHA (the katak and the spider incidents tak kelakar k!!!!)

  3. horse fucking carriage farna?!!!

    BUT seriously asal experience kau kelakar nak mampz niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hahahahahahaah i cannot wait for your Gili experience NAO!

    1. Actually takde pape lahhh, aku je terlalu dramatik hahahahaha

      But seriously bila compare with my other friends' punya experiences, mine really sound macam mana punya kecoh siak

  4. Darling, please. I'm not the one who needs to do more squats, you're the one who needs to do some reflection on your fucking life choices. - Hahahahaha this is damn funny

  5. This has the most "wtf"s amongst all ur posts I have read. Hahah
    Nak ketawe tapi macam kesian.. Hehe...

    1. Hahahahaha I couldn't take it k, don't know my Bali trip was eventful macam gitu! Ketawakan je lah... Memang dah terima nasib badan............ Hehehe

  6. Hahahaha. GURL YOU'RE BACK. Was patiently waiting for your holiday post. Damn u got me on stitches. Especially the katak. Was thinking the exact same thing when u said wifi trippy, banyak jilat katak. And thanks for the rafting heads up. Who would have known. That won't be on my bucket list then. Hahahahaha.

    1. Yeah, I'm back! No need to bersatu with the rugged nature anymore hahaha.

      Pasal the white water rafting kan, actually you can still give a try, just don't go the one that I went to. I have friends telling me their journey to the river isn't as treacherous! Must find the right one. Was so ~jelly~ when one of my friends said there was a truck waiting for participants after the water rafting to transport everyone back to the main meeting area. kan bagus gitu!

  7. haha oh no sorry to hear you didn't have a gd rafting experience! I didn't have to trek down far to mine, though we had to climb about 1,000 steps up to lunch. did you do the 2m vertical drop? we could have gone to different rivers. I also tried trekking what they claimed was the easiest volcano but merana sia! my poor travel partner had to deal with cold silence on the way down as I seethed while struggling to find my footing ha ha whoops. can't wait for your Gili story!

    1. Yeah I think we went to different rivers! I don't know if I have the guts to try other rivers if I do return to Bali though... Don't want to risk another episode of me breaking down tengah tengah hutan hahaha

      So brave of you to trek volcano segala!!! Must have been tough but at least you got an experience out of it... Trekking is something I KNOW I wouldn't dare try. Not now, not ever!


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