NYC Planning (Part 1)

Guess what happened from the last time I blogged about joining a tour group to NYC???

That's right - I flipped like a roti prata over the week (errr surprise???) and we booked our own flight tickets to NYC instead. So this pretty much means WE ARE GOING TO DIY OUR NYC TRIP!!!

What happened sampai I flip like roti prata: I relooked at the tour group itinerary and realized we'll be staying in New Jersey instead of NYC, and that instead of 3 days in NYC that we originally thought, technically we'll only have 1.5 days in NYC WTF TAIK HIDUNG JE TU

And not like we can work much with the given 1.5 days because we'll be too busy with pre-arranged walking tours = won't be able to venture out on our own!!! If we're going to our dream destination, we should milk it for its worth instead of touch and go kan?!

With that in mind, I tried to (kononnya) main main research on NYC transportation and tour bookings and realized that it is so much easier than I thought! Brought up the idea to Saliheen and he agreed :D

This is different from our Eastern Europe trip, where it was much more complicated to move around because we had so many states to go and so many tours we wanted to join. Yang ni, it's just ONE city, so it should be manageable even by a granny and grandpa like us... kan? Not that we can back out of this anyway, since we've already paid for flight tickets ha ha ha


We decided to fly via Emirates instead of SQ even though SQ tickets to New York is currently cheap for the month of May (Cheap, considering it's only S$1880 when it's usually in the regions of two thousand plus dollars) and this is because...

... Emirates tickets are even cheaper wtf!!!!! Their tickets cost S$1440 per pax, which translates to about S$440 savings for each of us - can get us tickets to Broadway shows and helicopter ride in New York eh! We had a good experience flying with Emirates previously anyway, so this was an easy decision.

Plus we got to 'chope' the only two-person seater on 3 of our flights! (We'll be on 4 flights) Hopefully we won't get bumped off to other seats somehow, so at least we won't have to worry about sitting uncomfortably next to strangers in our flights. It'll be almost 24 hours of travelling for each way, we'd want to be as comfortable as possible seh.


We're booking our accommodation next... possibly tonight! 

We've shortlisted a few apartments on AirBNB but we're still on the fence about it because we ~kind of~ like staying in hotel rooms when we're on holiday, you know? 24-hour room service, wake-up calls, housekeeping, laundry service, assistance in taxi bookings, that sort of thing.

And we won't have to clean up after ourselves, which is something we'll have to do when we stay in an AirBNB apartment. Kalau tinggal kat hotel kan ada chambermaid.

I have to admit hotels in NYC - especially the ones located in the heart of Times Square - are crazy expensive!!! Our budget is about S$200 to S$250 per night but it seems like even the "cheaper" hotels are at least S$300++ per night wtf lantai hotel rooms dorang ada tanam intan dan berlian ke ape siak.

List of our considerations for a hotel room in NYC: 

(1) Doesn't matter if the room is super tiny since we'll be out for most of the day and just need a room to rest and sleep - we heard most NYC hotel rooms are tiny anyway!

(2) Must be located in/near Times Square. People tell us we should stay away from the busy Times Square streets because it can get really noisy but we're both heavy sleepers and we're not averse to earplugs so noise is not an issue.

(3) Costs S$200 - S$250 per room per night.

So far we've found 1 hotel that seems to fits two-thirds of our criteria (the one in the picture above) just that it's about S$60 more than our budget per night :/ Dengar S$60 macam affordable but when you multiply that by 9, 10 nights, that's $600 already k.

We'll most likely book it though, since we have finally accepted that all the decent hotels located in Times Square will cost us S$300+++ and above per night!!! Our choice is the cheapest we can find and is right smack in the heart of Times Square so I really can't complain.

Once we settle our accommodation, we're going to plan our itinerary next! PART PALING EXCITING PLZ SO EXCUSE ME WHILE I TYPE IN CAPS HAHA. I've received so many messages and comments on my social media on certain things to do and stuff to check out in NYC, and I love how everyone has been so gracious and generous with their information!!!

Kalau tiada aral melintang, 11 more weeks before I arrive at my teenage dream destination, insya Allah ♥


  1. Hi, I stayed at The Row NYC in May last year. The room is pretty small but the location is fantastic. Do check out Woodsbury premium outlet as well. Nadia

    1. Thanks! So lucky, The Row NYC is sooooo pretty!

      We've shortlisted The Row NYC and Yotel Times Square but decided to book another hotel because it is the cheapest amongst the 3 :)

      Have set aside 1 full day for Woodbury Common Outlet too... I was told 1 day might not even be enough! :O


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