Let's Hear It For New York

After monthsssss of deliberation, we've finally decided on our US trip YAYYYHAYYYYY!!!

We were torn between DIY and going with a tour group (as always) but since we are both perangai nenek and atok when it comes to travelling, we've decided yet again on the latter. Is anyone even surprised with our life choices anymore?!

Honestly I was very, very, very tempted to DIY the trip but practicality and also a little bit of laziness took over. Here's a list of our considerations when we were trying to decide which way to go:



1. Spend 7 full days in New York!!!
2. Get to immerse in their culture and soak in the atmosphere
3. Do tons of NY stuff like watch Broadway, visit bakeries, wander through Central Park, etc
4. Have extra shopping money since it'll only be 7 days of DIY NY
5. SQ flight (Right now it's SGD3800 for 2 pax to fly to New York in May on SQ WTF SO TEMPTING)


1. Have to book & manage everything ourselves (accommodation, entrance fees for tours, transport)
2. Risk getting lost, scammed or mugged in the streets of New York
3. Risk getting into difficulties entering US because of our faith zzZZz



1. Spend 13 days travelling through parts of Canada, Washington DC, Boston, New York. Comprehensive!
2. We get to earn American history, visit White House, memorials, etc. I LOVE!
3. We get to experience Niagara Falls and Skylon Tower in Canada (YASSSSSSS)
4. Everything is guided and managed by a tour manager. 
5. Even if the US authorities interrogate us upon entry, we know we have our tour agency to back us up. 


1.  Less shopping money since it'll be almost 2 weeks worth of holiday.
2. Qatar Airways instead of SQ (Sort of a con because we've never been on Qatar - no idea if it's good)
3.  Only have about 3 days in New York, with half of each day being filled with half day tours fixed by agency (Not that it's such a bad thing - some of the tourist spots are the ones we want to go to anyway, like Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Chrysler Building, Rockefellar Centre and Times Square)

Saliheen is okay with either option and lets me choose the one I like best TENKZ. Sampai hati make me buat keputusan on something like this!!! After consulting family and friends, I've already decided on Option B but technically we have until next week before we sign and seal this decision and put down our deposit. Hopefully my mind is set and won't be tempted to 'roti prata' while waiting for next week.

Tapi whatever it is, tetap kita kena hafal lagu ni sebab kalau tak hafal macam mana nak buat music video in ♫ New Yorkkkkk~ Concrete jungle where dreams are made of~ There's nothing you can't do~ ♫ ???


  1. Hey! I'd really recommend the DIY one instead of a tour. there is SO MUCH shopping to be done in the states, from makeup to clothes to home stuff. plus the factory outlets! And to top it off, its not expensive so you can really stretch your dollar. and plus, its so best to adventure our with your partner summore you both are really fun people. :)

    my aunt just got back from the canada/usa tour with Chan brother and although she got to see all the main attractions, she only depended on what the tour guide showed her. no discovery, no adventure. But like u said, datok and datin will like this kind lah, the hotels all is bagos2 kind, 4 - 5 stars.

    oh and from the tour, she opted for SQ, so just topup abit only. u should go find out and ask :)

    but no matter which choice you make, its gna be AMAZING.

  2. Thank you so so much for your two cents worth! Now you're making me rethink the whole idea again, I agree with you it'll be so much more exciting if we DIY. The pros for guided tour is attractive enough for us to resist DIY though, maybe I'll sit on this for the next few days.....

    Thanks for the tip on the flight top-up too!!! Will definitely ask the tour agency if and when we meet them. Also, AMAZING is just about right hehe, I have no idea how I'm going to contain my excitement for the next 3 months!

  3. ooh i'm headed to NY too! when are you planning to visit? DIY lahhh...then go crrrazy on airbnb! the interstate part memang pening to plan but if man man lai you sure can one lah!

    1. we're heading there in May! will blog about it soon but guess what - we've decided to DIY HURRAY! not sure if we'll take on an AirBNB apartment though, we've shortlisted a few but still inclined towards booking a hotel.

      how exciting is this?!?! please let me know if you have anything to recommend for our NYC trip. i'm sure you've done tonsssss of research!!!


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