See You In The Kitchen, Baby

Oh hey!!! Hello!!! Come say hi to the proud new owner of a KITCHENAID!!!!! A.K.A ME!!!

We've been meeting friends for the last 2 weekends so I didn't really have the time to make anything fancy but I did bake some meringue cookies yesterday afternoon since they're the simplest item I could make (only 3 ingredients and I had them all in my kitchen!) yet I could still see my KitchenAid in action and test out its whipping (It was glorious)

Included Youtube tutorial in case you're wondering just how ridiculously simple meringue cookies are.

Ok I know, I know. Why should someone like me who fails miserably at baking with Betty Crocker instant mixes have a KitchenAid??? Uhhhhh, because how else can I be motivated to bake properly if my mixer is not pretty, amirite?!?!?! :P

My husband dismissed this at first, thinking that it's just a "girl" thing but after the salesperson told him all about KitchenAid's attachments like the pasta roller and cutter, the vegetable strainer, the sausage stuffer and the meat grinder (you can watch the infomercial here) he was all over it. The perks of having a husband who loves cooking! Hehe!

Also the perks of having a loving generous MIL who appreciates the beauty and value of something so pretty and useful like this! I mention her because she's the one who gifted this to me ♥♥♥

She insists I shouldn't feel indebted (which I don't) but I do know I still want to reciprocate her love and kindness with fancy cookies and pretty cakes (which she loves). Once I find the perfect MIL-worthy dessert recipe, I'mma whip it till I make it #workit


  1. Best nyer!! Did you get the additional attachments also?

    1. No we didn't!!! We got other stuff to pay for, but once we have extra cash, we'll start building up a collection :D


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