Ayam Bermacam Ayam

From top to bottom: Ayam masak kicap, sup ayam and ayam lemak cili padi ♥

One of the things I janji myself once I get my own home was to learn my mum's lauk recipes! I am now happy to report that I have kept that promise to myself hehe. Tapi ni baru the ayam dishes je lah, I'm tackling my mum's recipes for beef and sotong dishes over the next few weeks pulak.

Saliheen didn't understand why I was so desperate about trying to cook my mum's recipes at first - he insisted he is perfectly fine with quick stir-fried meat and/or noodles and didn't want to menyusahkan my hidup by making me learn how to masak lauk pauk melayu. I think he only got the memo when I started sobbing out the real reason I wanted to learn them so bad: I missed my mum's cooking in my new home T.T

And then there's the more important what if - what if my mum is gone before any of us and my dad and my sisters miss my mum's cooking? What if all of us rindu her and for that one moment just want to rasa her cooking again? I didn't want to be stuck with that possibility and regret not learning how to cook like her.....

Eh apedah, dah letak gambar makanan sedap sedap pastu bukak cerita sedih pulak. Hilang selera. Tak bagus tau nangis depan makanan! (Dengan 'line' mak aku sekali aku dah terbelajar)

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  1. accidentally pergi to your kahwin khronicles blog and then ke sini. i love your blog :)


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