Furniture from Second Charm Are Here!

So we finally received our TV console from Second Charm 1½ weeks ago!

Our coffee table and sofa arrived about 2 days before our Bali/Gili trip, and we expected our TV console to arrive next in mid January 2015 since we were told it'll be ready 8 weeks from our order date (22 Nov 2014). 

Unfortunately there were 2 delays, which we didn't mind at all, but we were a little peeved that the folks from Second Charm didn't bother to update us about the delays. Kita yang kena message them a week after every promised period to ask for updates. Lambat kita tak kisah, but bilang lah kalau ye pun.

But takpelah. Janji barang sampai. Everything is to our liking and sempurna, except if you count the right side door of our TV console... the catch mechanism not working that well seh. Kita tak kuasa nak hantar pergi hantar balek lagi though so we will leave it as it is. Konon macam that is the quirk of our TV console! Hehe.

Looooove the quality of the wood and workmanship though, and I am diggin' the roundness of each piece. The colours of all pieces pun matching to a T! Dalam gambar nampak lain because they were taken at different times of the day so the lighting is different - I'd say the real colour is closest to the first picture. 

Now the bulk of our house is somewhat complete! Yay! Tinggal details like a nice clock that will fit our home theme (we're currently using the el cheapo IKEA one) and printing the prints for our wall frames. Masih ah tak buat buat padahal dah beribu guests datang tengok our rumah tau HAHA. 

Oh, and maybe work towards purchasing a new TV since our current one is Saliheen's 3-year-old room TV and meant to be sementara? Lagi lagi this weekend Singtel is coming to pasang Wi-fi and setup our cable!!!!! Yes, we have been living in our house with NO freaking Wi-fi for the last two and a half decades months k. Macam tinggal dalam gua kat atas gunung k.

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