NYC Planning (Part 3)

8 more weeks to New York City, you guys!!!!!

Draft itinerary is more or less complete, now we're just waiting for slots to open so we can confirm our bookings for some of our intended activities. We still have a few flexible evenings, which we will probably fill with different types of shows and/or random jalan jalan around Times Square.

I've also compiled a list of dessert places for us to visit, maaaybe a little too many sampai Saliheen started grumbling HAHAHA. He even asked me whether the only reason why I am excited to go NYC is because  I want to pig out on desserts! Eh eh orang tua ni..... ABURTHEN?! sampai hati accuse I macam tu tau.

Actually tak banyak sangat seh yang on my list, I had to eliminate a lottttt of candidates (fuh, macam nak choose jodoh lah) because there's just too many things to do in NYC. Anyway, here's my final shortlist!

Baked by Melissa

Had to include Baked by Melissa in my list because LOOK AT THEIR CUTE MINI CUPCAKES DON'T YOU JUST WANT SQUISH THEM WTF. These babies come with filing inside and each is about the size of a quarter!!! Have to admit their mini cupcakes look greasy and unappetizing on Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews though hahaha but one of their stores is 3 minutes walk away from my hotel so #YOLO


We now go from mini cupcakes to colossal cupcakes! I know one of the signature offerings at Crumbs is their colossal cupcakes, and if you cannot understand how massive they truly are, then I should probably tell you each piece costs USD35 and you will need two hands to hold it proper, like this. I have no idea why people call this a cupcake though, isn't a huge cupcake essentially just a..... cake? Dun dun dun~

Cake Boss Cafe

I've heard of the TV show Cake Boss but haven't watched a single episode before so this trip to their store will be more of a curious touristy moment than it having actual significance for me haha. Who knows, if their cupcakes sedap nak mampos, I might just start watching their episodes? (Kalau sedap baru nak tengok ah)

Dominique Ansel Bakery

How can I visit NYC and not try cronuts from the original creator of cronuts kan!!!!! To be honest, I wasn't very impressed when I had a cronut at Brunetti in Singapore but it might just be because I don't enjoy eating flaky desserts anyway? Told myself if I don't even like the ones from the original creator himself then memang cronuts are just not for me. 

Their bakery also sells crazy cute cookie milk shots but they are only available from 3.00pm onwards daily. Meh. I think we'll be in their area earlier than 3.00pm seh so might have to give those a miss :(

Dough Doughnuts

Looking forward to having these glorious gedik babies because I am obsessed with Essie Button and this was one of the things she had when she visited New York! I watched her vlog at a time when I never even dreamed I'd ever step foot in NYC so I didn't give it much thought, but the minute my NYC plans firmed up I immediately knew I had to go to Dough for their doughnuts,  I kid you not!!!!!

Junior's Cheesecake

A little ridiculous if I go to New York and not try one of their famous New York cheesecakes, amirite or amirite?

Magnolia Bakery

Now this one, my friends, is an ABSOLUTE MUST-GO!!! I know anyone who has been to NYC will tell you, "oh you must try Magnolia Bakery, it's just one of those things you must do when you are in NYC". When I first started planning, it was exactly the same thing for me! Go to Magnolia Bakery because their cupcakes and pudding sedap and it's just what people do when they go NYC, you know?

But earlier this month, I started reading The Tastemakers: Why We're Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue by David Sax and HOLYYY SHIIIIIIITTTEEE, I couldn't have picked up the book at a better time - there is a whole section in there on the history of Magnolia Bakery and why it has become such an important cultural icon today! You can read the first few chapters here, which will (hopefully) make you understand why stepping foot into Magnolia Bakery will be a pretty significant moment for me.

(I hope to write a separate entry on the book once I've finished reading it! So far the other chapters are just as educational and captivating and my mind boggles at how food trends start and evolve, how powerful PR and marketing can be, and how it can influence what and how we consume food in different parts of the world)


I'm not sure if we'll have the time to pop by MarieBelle but if we do, it'll be sweet! (Literally) Bookmarking this only 'cos Oprah included their hot chocolate powder as one of her favourite things in the world LOL

Momofuku Milk Bar

Sometimes when someone mentions NYC, another person will sambut with an enthusiastic "Momofuku!!!!!" (True story, this happened when I told my girlfriend I'm heading to NYC lolz) I've read a little about the Momofuku chain from The Tastemakers book and subsequently on the internet, and while I'm skipping their noodles bar because yang popular adalah their pork buns and their soup base probably ada babi, I am definitely not going to miss out on their milk bar, which serves sedap sounding shit like cereal milk soft serve, compost cookies and crack piesss.

Spot Dessert Bar

So many items on their menu yang I nak try!!! Their #1 seller chocolate green tea lava cake??? Their frozen Japanese citrus cream bar??? Their Thai tea creme brulee??? Their smoked coconut cheesecake??? Their glorious golden toast with condensed milk??? Which one am I going to gain calories for??? WHICH ONE?!?!?! T.T I don't even know which picture to share so I will leave you with the link to their Instagram account biar kau geram sendiri:

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Machine

This is another place that I will make time for!!! 24 hours cupcake ATM machine, genius or extremely genius??? I remember seeing this while watching a news channel sometime ago and thinking: Wtf I hope I get to try that one day. Lo and behold, there's one near Lexington (one of the areas I'll be at in NYC) so APE LAGI. Wait for mama, baby!!!!! Video clips on the cupcake ATM craze and how it works here and here.

Some of the other dessert places we're going to will be in Chelsea Market itself (we're heading there on one of the days): Bar Suzette for crepes, Doughnuttery for mini doughnuts wtf so cute for what, Fat Witch Bakery for brownies and blondies, People's Pop for ice pops and Sarabeth for ALL THEIR YUMMY LOOKING SHIT.

I've also marked a few coffee shops we can check out in NYC, thanks to our only (masih ah nak) hipster friend Ahmad, and the list includes La Colombe, Happy Bones, Cafe Grumpy, Blue Bottle Coffee and Culture Espresso. Not a big fan of coffee personally so this will be more of a kalau ada time / kalau kita lalu then baru kita akan masuk kind of thing. Saliheen drinks coffee lah but dude is neither a hipster nor a coffee snob so he won't die die want to try the different long blacks and lattes there lah.

Another makan-related place that I want to visit are food halls! I love food halls and think they are amazing in concept because you get to try and buy popular yummy food all in one place... talk about convenience! The ones I'm eyeing is The Plaza Food Hall for their cheesecakes, crepes and tarts as well as the City Kitchen Food Hall for their shaved snow, pretzels and lobster freaking rolls.

Now please excuse me while I lap my air liur off my keyboard.....


  1. Momofuku! I was mesmerised everytime a tv show feature them... I love watching shows featuring eating places in US even tho mostly not halal and I can't eat anyway lol

    1. I know what you mean! Maybe should start looking for all those places punya recipes online and kalau ada, can masak sendiri so ditanggung halal haha

  2. Excited for you! Keep the updates coming, I like to feeling2 xD

  3. Gonna go back to this entry if I ever go US!

    1. Yes! I'll probably do an updated entry once I've visited them all too!


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