Masam Manis Lemon Meringue Pie

After trying the meringue cookies I baked some time ago, Saliheen requested for a lemon meringue pie because he is a fan of one! I found a recipe which looked simple enough and this was how mine turned out:

We loved the taste and texture of the crust and the fluffiness of the meringue! Unfortunately, the lemon filling was terlalu sweet so we ended up scrapping off half of the filling from each slice haha. Nasib baik the tanginess was just nice.

I made it for the second time days later but my crust wasn't as sturdy and the filling tasted... flat. Meh. I think I rushed through it the second time round. Oh, and another thing that I should learn how to do: how to level the filling and meringue equally so the cross section will look rata.

I really like this recipe though, and bookmarking it for the keeps! Here's the tutorial, be prepared to chuckle because the frenchie in this video is so adorable. And if you're giving this recipe a go, I suggest to kurangkan the sugar if you like your desserts less potong kaki:

Actually there are other easier recipes yang play cheat pakai digestive biscuits for the crust like this one, but Saliheen wanted one made from scratch so *rolls eyes* buat jelah, perintah suami kan HAHAHA. Apalah nasib aku dapat lelaki cerewet bila part masak and part makan ni.


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