NYC Planning (Part 4)

Ahhh what a bummer!!!!! 

Looks like we won't be able to watch a New York Knicks basketball game after all T.T

I've been monitoring their ticket booking system for the past few weeks and told Saliheen the May slots macam tak bukak bukak aje. He then made a remark which made me realize I've been such an idiot for not checking earlier - "Sekali dorang takde game in May pun eh? Sporting events ada seasons tau"

Checked several resources online (including this useful one) and turns out it is true - their schedule runs from October to April only why oh whyyyyy, I want to see Beyonce duduk depan New York Knicks play lehhh :(

Not gonna catch any other sporting events in NYC, although Saliheen meronyok nak pergi Yankee Stadium. Travel all the way to the Bronx just to tengok stadium and "beli topi NY Yankees" wtf!!!!! Better have his size eh, kalau tak kepala dia aku potong setengah (It is difficult for Saliheen to find topi that fits his kepala size)

But issokey, I will let him have his fun because he is also letting me have my fun HEH HEH HEH. Pencilled in two fleamarkets into our itinerary because I am an absolute sucker for them!!! When we booked tickets to NYC, I knew one of the things I'd want to do is to browse through fleamarkets.

You know, I used to go to a lot of local fleamarkets (even the Sungei Road one) but stopped doing it just after I left poly because the fleamarket scene in Singapore became very merepek! Suddenly it was dominated by bloody blogshops with tiny generic first-hand clothes which sold for more than SGD30 per piece! MEREPEK SIAK. Aku pergi fleamarket sebab nak murah and offbeat pieces, bukan pasal nak beli baju setotetlet kau yang bersepah kat internet and bersepah kat Bangkok for SGD5!!!!! 

It takes the charm out of shopping at a fleamarket OKAY. I'm supposed to be able to find one off pieces, second hand stuff, vintage clothing (like, legit vintage from 1960s, not baju that is "vintage inspired" tapi baru keluar factory semalam wtf) and stumble upon cheap treasures! Not your run off the mill firsthand nonsense.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to scrounge through fleamarkets overseas, though! Especially since the spirit of fleamarkets thrives on in other parts of the world. Some organizers even explicitly ban sellers from selling firsthand items k. Gitu baru betul!

Anyway, I found this useful guide on NYC fleamarkets online and identified the fleamarkets that we can (hopefully) make it to: the Hell's Kitchen Fleamarket and the Green Fleamarket. And Artists & Fleas which is located in Chelsea Market too, of course!

Had to batalkan cita cita pergi ke Brooklyn Fleamarket even though that is one of the more popular ones that I am most interested in!!! Mainly because we won't have time to pop over to Brooklyn over the weekend MEH (Fleamarkets in NYC usually operates during weekends)

Hopefully I can get a good fleamarket haul from both trips eh. Mana tau boleh dapat apple bottom jeans boots with the fur ke (If you did not get that Flo Rida reference, you are not my friend BYE)


  1. "apple bottom jeans boots with the fur ke (If you did not get that Flo Rida reference, you are not my friend BYE)"

    I am your friend. Because the moment i saw apple bottom jeans, i started singing it ala Flo Rida. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    dasar minah.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA you are of course my friend!!!!!

      nanti jumpa kita blast lagu zaman minah k

  2. I literally sang the last line and I did not expect that from myself. Hahahha. Oh yes flea market overseas lagi best, even their night markets lagi best then the ones here!

    1. Hahahaha I was hoping that would happen to those who caught the reference!!!

      So shiok ah their markets, kat Singapore punya takde ~feel~ langsung


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