This Shit is Bananas

2 months after I baked my first banana bread, I decided to try another recipe but this time, one that has chocolate in it! I enjoy makings things with bananas because they're so versatile and memang boleh kahwin ramai - dorang boleh kahwin dengan ice cream... boleh kahwin dengan all types of kacang... boleh kahwin dengan waffles... boleh kahwin dengan oatmeal... boleh kahwin dengan chocolate...

Anyway, I baked this beauty last weekend and even though it turned out pretty delicious in the end, I actually tersalah tengok recipe and mashed in 8 bananas instead of the recipe's recommended 3 HAHAHAHAHA. Asal tak masukkan pokok pisang sebatang sekali HAHAHAHAHA

This is what happens when a grandma like me tries to ikut ikut a hipster video tutorial!!!!! To be fair, the font used was too cursive okay!!! I looked at the text to confirm my ingredients while baking, and not the items itself k - I know, I know, there are obviously 3 large bananas inside the video haiz.

But whatevz - this recipe is damn awesome, anyway. Couldn't stop licking the batter off my fingers! Of course next time I will use 3 large bananas instead of 8 (so it will have a bread texture instead of a jemput jemput texture hahaha), and I think I'd prefer it with half the recommended amount of chocolate instead.

Here is the said hipster recipe tutorial, for your cold Sunday mornings:

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