2015 Birthday Wishlist [Updated]

It's April already, which means it is that time of the year again for me to publish my annual birthday wishlist!!! My birthday is in May but I usually post my birthday wishlist a month in advance because, you know..... logic.

As always, this birthday wishlist does NOT mean I expect to receive birthday gifts but this is just in case a loved one(s) wants to get something for me but has no idea what I want/like. I like to be practical when it comes to gifting and birthday wishlists adalah practical, please. I also like to know other people's wishlists ok, because that means I can get that person something he/she will genuinely like and use!

1. Light Up Shoes from Inu Inu

I am obsessed with this pair of light up shoes from Inu Inu and am beating myself up so hard for not purchasing them earlier!!! It is now out of stock boo hoo but I emailed Inu Inu and they're expecting a restock in a few weeks. Not sure if it'll be in time for my NYC trip but even if it isn't, I'd still want a pair because it is so! freaking! cute! My shoe size is US 7 and this pair of light up shoes can be purchased at USD59.95 here.

2. A Pair of Tickets to watch Beauty & The Beast Musical

Belle is my aaaaabsolute favourite Disney princess and I really wanna watch this but my husband don't want to layan me everytime I ask whether we can go and watch this :( Tapi kalau ada orang nak sponsor as birthday gift then of course I can tell him see see, dah ada tickets so must go and watch what! Hehehe.

Beauty and the Beast tickets can be purchased here and I am free to go on the 3rd or 4th Saturday in April. I welcome Premium seats (Stalls - SGD190) and A Reserve seats (Dress Circle - SGD170) of course, but will be perfectly happy with B Reserve (Dress Circle - SGD145) and C Reserve (Grand Circle - SGD115)

3. A Pair of Tickets to watch KUMAR Stands Up for Singapore

I am also a huuuuugggeeeee fan of Kumar and have watched most of his shows for the past few years... so I also want to go watch him this year lah!!! Will deeply, madly, greatly appreciate if I am gifted a pair of tickets to watch him again - I don't mind any category of tickets as long as it is not restricted view and I will be happy to watch him either on a Friday night or on a Saturday afternoon :D

4. A Pair of Tickets to watch Pentatonix Live in Singapore

Pentatonix is coming to Singapore again and I really want to catch them this time!!!!!!! I missed them the last time round because I didn't expect their tickets to sell out so fast and missed purchasing a pair for myself T.T 

Ticket sales details are not out yet but if their tour schedule here is correct then they should be coming here on 1 June 2015. Kena look out for their ticket sales date seh!!!!!

[Post-edit: Looks like the tickets will go on sale on 19 April 2015!]

5. Animal Masks

I know this one is silly and frivolous but I love silly and frivolous things like this!!!!! So stop judging and go away!!!!! Or come back, if you want to buy me a pack hahahahaha.

I first saw these cuties on It's Ok, Roommate (Episode 24) and they made me go OMGAHHH I BLOODY NEED THAT IN MA LYFE. Tracked them down online and found them here - 1 box of 10 pieces at SGD30.90 (+ SGD2.50 Express Shipping). Unfortunately all 10 pieces will be of the same kind :( They should really mix the different designs lor! Anyway, I like them in order of this preference: Tiger > Panda > Otter > Dragon.

But if you think this is terlalu perangai stop it, then fine, I will also appreciate the Leaders' Insolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch which can be bought for cheap(er) here.

6. Aluminium Pinch Hanger from Muji

I don't think anyone would want to layan a pinch hanger request on a birthday wishlist but I really want this k!!!!! So chic and so sleek and the clippers are transparent, aesthetically will look nice with my service yard and kitchen leh. My current pinch hanger is blue and plastic and ugly as hell seh, kes terpaksa beli last minute kat Giant. This can be purchased from any Muji stores in Singapore or on their official website here.

Someone told me she's getting the aluminium pinch hanger from Muji for me HAHAHAHAHA so I am taking it off my birthday wishlist! (By the way if the gifter is reading this, I REALLY DON'T MIND IF YOU GIVE ME HAPPYCALL PAN INSTEAD LAH!!!) I don't know why I happily put the hanger up as a potential birthday gift but when someone offered, I got embarassed as hell HAHA. Sial ah perangai.

6. Chanel Espadrilles

Since I like odd numbers and deleting off the hanger will bring the number down to an even number, I shall add one more item that I have been eyeing since forevaaaaa - the Chanel espadrilles in black leather ♥.♥

I'm not usually brand conscious but once in awhile a branded item will catch my eye and it will stick in my head for the rest of my freaking life. Like this freaking pair of Chanel espadrilles. Y U COME INTO MY SIGHT

Apparently it costs about SGD800 on average in local Chanel boutiques which is ridic for a pair of flats wtf, but that's what you get for slapping on a 106-year-old brand logo at the top. Padahal if you take away the logo, it's just canvas/leather material made into a pair of shoes with rope stitching. Boleh jual for SGD50 aku rasa. But I really cannot help this wish to have a pair of Chanel espadrilles because kiwakz, jambu ke ape ini kasut.

I didn't list this in my birthday wishlist earlier because I don't think it's practical at all to put something that costs freaking SGD800 on a birthday wishlist but hey, if someone is willing to gift me the aluminium pinch hanger, who knows I will get lucky again with this pair of Chanel espadrilles HAHAHAHAHA DIAM SUDAH FARNA HARGA HANGER AND HARGA KASUT NI JAUH BEZA SIAK

7. Random Cute Shit / Vouchers

I also welcome random cutesy stuff from Typo like this, this and this, iPhone 5 cases from Naiise like the ones here and here and here as well as giftcards from H&M, Uniqlo, Topshop, La Senza or Sephora :D

But above everything else, if you think that all you can ever give me for my birthday is your kind du'a then of course I will be more than happy to accept that as well!!!!! I will be forever grateful if you pray for my and my husband's continued happiness and health and rezeki, thank you!!! If your heart is big enough, maybe you can also help me pray that one day I can convince myself to buy that aluminium pinch hanger from Muji walaupun mahal. I really think it is very matching dengan my service yard seh (MASIH AH)

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