Chef (Starting from Scratch Never Tasted so Good)

One of the movies Saliheen and I watched with our friends last weekend was 'Chef'!

You can watch the trailer here.

First heard about 'Chef' from Nad so when Rai suggested we watch this movie, I was all in! Nad seems to know my taste in movies so I trust her recommendations - no surprise I ended up loving the 'Chef' haha. Wonderfully shot, and it combines the art of making good food and social media marketing, two of the things that I'm very intrigued by right now (thanks to David Sax's The Tastemakers book)

Watch it if you want to feel happy (and also possibly hungry) because this is a super feel-good movie! And so much more refreshing than the movie we watched before that, which was 'The Theory of Everything' wtf depressing gila ke ape cerita tu. Laki aku pun lagi suka tengok 'Chef' because it keeps him warm and fuzzy bila tengok "dia punya Sofia Vergara". Darah naik siol dengar.

By the way, 'Chef' was one of the offerings at last year's Tribeca Film Festival! I'm pretty bummed because Tribeca Film Festival (held annually in New York) this year will be held from 15 to 26 April; which means I won't be able to attend any of their screenings since I'll only be there in May :( But it's okay, balek Singapore nanti ada two movies I've been waiting for yang akan keluar - Avengers: Age of Ultron and Pitch Perfect 2!!!!! JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY LAH GV!!!!!

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