Domesticate Me

I never thought this day would ever come but it has finally arrived..... 

I am legit excited over my new laundry hanger and HappyCall pan hahaha! I mean, look at these beauties!!!!!!!!!! 

Who cares how I got from being the most undomesticated loser ever to someone who fangirls over laundry pegs and cooking pans..........................

The bloggirls came over to my place with their husbands and babies (some with their baby in tummy) last weekend and it was sooooo fun having all the girls over, sharing stories and getting to bully so many babies!!! The girls were also the ones who gifted me with the above beauties as birthday/housewarming gifts, despite me threatening to throw their babies/future babies into the oven and bakar them into satay hahahahaha. Susah datang dapat these kind of gracious friends! Lucky for me I found them on the internet HAHA.


  1. yalo! if not, they wouldnt hav seen ur birthday wishlist! :P

    them babies are sooo cute, Maliq being the only boy rite and ada baby wrestling lagi, nasib tak gate-crash hari tu hahahahaha!

    1. Haha actually most of my friends read my blog, even the ones I didn't meet online! Just that they prefer to comment about my entries via Whatsapp or in real life, I have no idea why.......

      Got another boy, which is Ain's anak! But he is the oldest so dia entertain diri sendiri instead of mixing with the babies lol. Still cute though, just like the other babies!!! Mintak kena squish


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