New York Planning (Part 6)

Today, in 2 weeks' time, Saliheen and I will be gallivanting in NYC already!!! 

I am especially and ridiculously excited for our helicopter ride along the Manhattan skyline and gobbling all the good artisan food while soaking in the atmosphere at Smorgasburg :9

Also happy to announce we've settled our pre-trip bookings! Saliheen got a little grumpy when he realized there were so many things to consider and do but that is what happens when you DIY a holiday, grampa!!!!! Dah sedap kan, selalunya ada tour agency settlekan.

Here is a list of what is settled and what isn't; mostly for me to use as reference within the next week or so:

What we have settled:

1. Applied for ESTA (Read more here)
2. Booked tickets to watch The Lion King on Broadway 
3. Booked van service to and fro Woodbury Common Premium Outlets 
4. Booked helicopter ride along Manhattan skyline
5. Booked tickets to go for United Nations Headquarters tour
6. Booked slots for Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho tour (Free with the New York Pass)
7. Booked slots for Wall Street Walking tour (Free with the New York Pass)

What we're left to do before we fly off:

1. Purchase travel insurance
2. Register with Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3. Figure out the subway/ferry routes
4. Email van service (Woodbury) to confirm attendance
5. Check-in online for our flights
6. Print May schedule for East River Ferry
7. Print finalized itinerary

What we need to do over counter in NYC:

1. Get tickets to enter Madame Tussauds (Free with the New York Pass)
2. Decide whether to purchase tickets to enter Ripley's Believe It or Not 
3. Get tickets to enter American Museum of National History (Free with the New York Pass)
4. Decide whether to get tickets for the Rockefeller Centre tour (Free with the New York Pass)
5. Get tickets to go up Top of the Rock (Free with the New York Pass)
6. Get tickets to go up Empire State Building (Free with the New York Pass)
7. Get tickets to go for Madison Square Garden tour (Free with the New York Pass)
8. Get tickets for self-guided audio tour at Grand Central Terminal (Free with the New York Pass)
9. Get tickets for 9/11 Memorial tour (Free with the New York Pass) 
10. Get tickets for Yankee Stadium tour (Free with the New York Pass)

We wanted to book a Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO tour initially but decided against it because:

1. We plan to go to the Brooklyn Bridge after our helicopter ride and we aren't sure whether we can make it in time for the tour's 11.00am reporting time;

2. their terms and conditions are strict e.g, they will charge a USD15 cancellation fee if you want to cancel at any time, as opposed to other tours who won't charge you if you cancel 48 hours before scheduled tour;

3. it is the longest of all the tours - 2.5 hours! We'd rather read up the history beforehand and wander around ourselves than be tied down to a 2.5 hours long guided tour. 

I really hope this will turn out to be a good decision! We freed up quite a bit of time after taking that particular tour out of our itinerary, and we can already see the benefits: we can now go to Smorgasburg earlier and beat the lunchtime crowd, we now have time to lepak at Jane's Carousel (a gorgeous carousel built and operated in Ohio in 1922, auctioned off in 1984, restored over the years and then opened to the public in Brooklyn in 2011; you can read more here) and hopefully I can track down the chai tea concentrate from Dona Chai somewhere in DUMBO because 1, I love anything chai and 2, just look at that gorgeous, gorgeous thing here! I plan to get a bottle for myself, maybe more, depending on how many bottles I can sneak pass my glaring husband hehe.


  1. Wahhh so exciting! now da nak kahwin ni cannot travel as much alr, booohoo. Looking forward to read yr new york adventures lah :D

    1. I know what you mean, babe!!! I didn't get to travel when I was saving for my wedding too, but trust me nanti lepas kahwing, you will have the means to travel much more than you can now! thank you so much for getting excited with me babeee :D

  2. Darling.. i emailed you at your old emai add :
    i asked you about the process of the groomsman baju.. should i forward that to your ?

    1. Yes, please! You can also try and email me again at the old email address, sometimes my emails go to Spam folder and if I don't check in time, Gmail will delete it forever without me knowing I got it!

  3. Weeee so fun looking @ your itinerary! have fun!

    1. Thank you babe! It was fun planning the itinerary too! :D


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