Quote of the Day

We fiiiiinally moved off our fat asses and printed our favourite quotes for our wall frames!

"May The Wings Of Your Eyeliner Always Be Even" is my absolute favourite, of course, because that Saliheen ah - hah! - he couldn't care less if his eyeliner wings aren't even! This print hangs directly above my dressing table, to give me strength and willpower while I fight my daily battle with pesky and uneven eyeliner wings goddamnit.

"Today I Choose Joy" is something that both Saliheen and I agreed on; we have had days when we feel sadness, dejection, and days when people irritate us, infuriate us or cause us grief, and in order to overcome all those emotions, we always tell each other to take the high road, to ignore and/or to choose to be happy instead. We'd like to think that we're fairly positive individuals and we hope that little bit of positiveness is passed on to our guests whenever they walk past our hallway to the common bathroom. Masuk toilet pun nak kena rasa riang ria, beb.

"Work Hard, Stay Humble" is a life motto that Saliheen keeps close to his heart, and now one that he keeps framed up in our master bedroom. Besides loving its meaning, I think the typography is so, so cool and I love it to bits! Saliheen and I are a boring uncool couple (as we all already know) so we need that little bit of coolness to jazz up our space. Hehe.

The 1st print was inspired by an article I read on Beauty High (then recreated by my baby sister because the seller was no longer producing the print) whereas the 2nd and 3rd prints were bought from The Motivated Type.


  1. hahahahah yesss nak 'melabur' kena feel happy!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA. Maybe I should put quotes dalam the bathrooms jugak hahaha


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