Rosemary and Honey Roasted Chicken

My husband and I prepped and roasted 10kg worth of chicken over the weekend since we hosted 2 separate groups of friends over at our place! Lagi sikit macam nak bukak reban ayam at our service yard haha.

Our first batch of roasted chicken was quite tawar and we thought the volume of chicken and quality of honey was to be blamed. But turns out all we had to do to improve the flavour was scoop up the juices that oozed out onto the pan and douse the chicken with it halfway through the roasting process. So sorry to whoever ate the first tasteless batch haha! 

The picture above is the chicken served to the second group of friends - there were only 3 of them so it was a little bit more intimate and we could afford to make them some kale juice (For the first group, we served bottled Coke haha). That dinner is seriously one of my favourites to date because I love how everything is so easy to prep and easy to make!

If you're interested to have some homemade roasted chicken for lunch/dinner, all you need to do is:

1. Cut a whole chicken into quarters

2. Rub some salt, pepper, honey and fresh rosemary onto the chicken 

3. Best to leave the marinated chicken in a closed tupperware overnight 

4. Once you're ready to cook and serve, rub more honey on the chicken before popping them into the oven at 180° Celsius for about an hour or until chicken is golden brown with bits of charred edges

5. Few minutes before you pull the chicken out, scoop up the thick juices that oozed onto the pan, drizzle it generously over the chicken. Pull it out once you can see the glorious caramelization on the chicken!

We paired the roasted chicken with arugula (our favourite kind of veg) and a bowl of greek yoghurt mixed with a little olive oil and chopped spring onion. (We served roasted potatoes - marinated with salt, pepper and rosemary - for the first group of friends and that greek yoghurt went so well with the potatoes too! A great alternative if you want something lighter and healthier than sour cream)

For the kale juice, all we did was blend it up with cold water and fresh lemon juice (straight from the lemons, not the bottled kind) and served it together with the meal. So healthy and so easy yet so good. 

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