Birthday Trip, New York City, May 2015 (Day 2)

After recovering from Day 1 with a full night of sleep, we went out bright and early for our Day 2 in New York City :D

(Little did I know that this would be the only day my carefully crafted schedule will go as originally planned.....)

7 May 2015 (Day 2)

- Explored Chelsea Market
- Explored The High Line
- Went Shopping at Soho
- Coffee at Happy Bones (Broome Street)
- Visited Flatiron Building
- Chilled out at Henley Vaporium
- Shopped at Times Square

I was quite excited to go to Chelsea Market because it looks quirky (I like quirky) and has so many stores selling artisanal stuff, mostly food! I wasn't that blown away by my Chelsea Market experience though - I mean, I liked it, just that it wasn't as interesting as I hoped. Might be because we went there a little too early in the morning or bought the wrong things? The crepe and doughnuts we ate weren't that phenomenal, although I did like my rainbow cookie from Eleni's. But I mean... it's a rainbow cookie seh. You cannot not like a rainbow cookie seh.

Walked over to The High Line next, which was nice, and has an interesting history - it is a public park which used to be a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan's West Side. I wasn't that keen to go initially because I'm not a big fan of parks but it is in every single Top 10 list of places to go to in NYC hahahaha siak ah, takkan tak pergi kan kalau dah gitu?! We had a nice time chilling with our coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee (they had a pop-up counter when we were there) anyway so it wasn't a wasted trip. A place to go at least once if you're ever in NYC, I guess!

Some pictures from our trip to Chelsea Market and The High Line:

Next, we went shopping in Soho! Mainly for Saliheen because all his favourite brands are there - Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, A Bathing Ape, Stussy, The Hundreds, etc. Member shopping baju macam nak stock up for sepuluh tahun haha. I don't blame him though, because most stores had good solid designs in his size and at affordable prices!!!

All my chubby people friends, you know how difficult it is to cari baju yang fitting baik but won't be so expensive and buat your kocek koyak right. (Although technically if it fits well, it shouldn't make your kocek literally koyak right..... geddit? geddit??? HAHAHA I AM SO HILARZ SOMEONE PLZ JUST KILL MY VIBE NAO)

Ended our his shopping binge at Broome Street, where we grabbed coffee from Happy Bones. Wanted to sit down, rest our feet and ambik gambar hipster kopi atas meja but the space is super small and crowded so kita tapao je. Kwa kwa.

Took the train to Flatiron district, where we gawked at the Flatiron Building pulak. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be quite magnificent in real life... no wonder it's an NYC icon and possibly the most photographed building in the world! The structure of the building is pretty cool actually, the building looks 'flat' if viewed from another angle like this. (Also, I got a little too excited when I saw a video clip of Flatiron Building in an old 'Friends' episode that I watched on my flight back to Singapore hahaha)

Walked to Henley Vaporium (a vape lounge) because... you know... vaping is cool and harmless but (unfortunately) illegal in Singapore so... you know... my husband wanted to try it out. You know, for fun. Not like he already knows what vaping is like or anything like that. And not like we could buy anything and bring them back to Singapore. Kan.

I love the dudes over at Henley Vaporium though, they're so friendly and laidback and not pushy at all. If anyone is into vaping or just want to be educated on what vaping is about, they're the guys you'd want to talk to. No pressure, no sales tactics, just pure desire to share more about vaping and let you see and test what's available in the market.

After that we went back to our hotel, washed up, had dinner then went out to Times Square for more shopping hahaha. I borong baju from Forever 21 and H&M!!!!! Because ada size!!!!! I really cinta sama the Forever 21 and H&M stores in NYC lah, both of them have dedicated plus-size sections so plus-sized girls like me pun boleh membeli belah dengan selesa lololol. And their plus sizes bukan adik adik setakat UK14, UK16 je k, they have sizes up until UK20, UK22 segala k. My only gripe about shopping in NYC is that their closing system is damn merepek lah.

For example, if you shop in the evenings like I did and by the time you nak try or nak bayar it is already near to closing time, there is a high chance most of the dressing rooms or cashiers are closed. Sometimes takde orang pun nak redirect you, other times if you're lucky there will be a sour-faced employee nearby who will tell you which level punya dressing room or cashier is still open. So let's say you're at 4th level but all the cashier counters there are closed, an employee will tell you oh you can go down to 3rd level cashier counters for payment. 

You go down to 3rd level, find out their cashier counters are closed too so you're redirected to 2nd level. You see a line of people waiting to be served at 2nd level's cashier counters so you join the queue. Tiba tiba an angsty bitch of an employee datang raging and screaming that nobody can join the queue at that level already because the cashier counters are also closing and you will have to go down to Level 1 punya cashier counters for payment. (True story bro)


I mean, I understand lah dah closing time and everyone working there needs to do packing and cashier closing but why not close the main entrance to stop people from entering so the human traffic stops??? Let remaining shoppers pay at whichever cashier they are at then once dah takde orang you can start your closing kan??? They were still letting people in when I left k, mampos ah cashier counters kat Level 1, semua korang kena settle. I don't think this is common practice in Singapore right????? Tak kasi chance kat tourists who might not know their usual closing practice langsung!

But whatever. Aku nak complain pun buat ape, since I am willing to close one eye and love my shopping loot unconditionally hahahahaha. Susah datang wei dapat borong baju size UK14 in different cuts and designs at prices like USD16.99 and USD24.99!!!!! Selalunya baju plus size mahal k, al-maklumlah kena pakai kain lebih hahahahaha.

Ok dah, please stay tuned for Day 3 punya story, because on that day, kita punya nasib macam kentang bacin.


  1. "Selalunya baju plus size mahal k, al-maklumlah kena pakai kain lebih hahahahaha." my mother will always tell me the same reason whenever my baju kurung more mahal than off the rack ones. kene pakai kain lebih hahahaha! kongasam!

    1. Hahahaha your mother tak kasi chance langsung!


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