Birthday Trip, New York City, May 2015 (Part 3)

Remember me blogging about our New York Pass purchases???

This is how it works: We buy our New York passes, we bring them along on our vacation, and then we can choose when we wish to activate our passes. Our passes will then be valid for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days from the 1st day of activation, depending on which duration we choose (We chose 5-day passes).

So after Day 1 and Day 2 of our NYC vacation, it was finally time to activate our 5-day New York Passes................................. OR SO WE THOUGHT.

8 May 2015 (Day 3)

- Go for Madison Square Garden tour
- Go for Yankee Stadium tour
- Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM
- Walked down Fifth Avenue
- Visited the iconic Apple Store
- Visited FAO Schwarz
- Shopped at Niketown
- Visited Trump Tower
- Checked out Momofuku Milk Bar

You see, our original plans were supposed to be in this order:

Madison Square Garden tour > Yankee Stadium tour > Madame Tussauds Museum and then > Museum of Modern Art, all of which are redeemable under the New York Pass.

Planner me wanted to make advance bookings for the Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium tours (of course) but was told over email that they do not accept advanced bookings via website, email or phone so I can only call their offices on the day I wish to attend the tours to ask for slot availability. Okay, fine.

So on the morning of our 3rd day in NYC, I called Yankee Stadium to ask about availability. I called and I called and I called but apparently, nobody wants to pick up the damn phone on that damn day. I was not calling a random phone number I plucked from the air OKAY, I was calling the exact number which was given to me via email. Okay, fine.

We figured we'll try our luck with Madison Square Garden since it was a 50/50 thing; we'd like to go for their tour but it's okay if we didn't get slots. Left our hotel early and arrived at the entrance of Madison Square Garden one hour before it opens. So good, right? Two cups of coffee, one homeless man encounter, a million photos and one hour later, the entrance opens! Hurray! Time to swipe our New York passes for entry!

Or not.

But why not????? 

What do you mean, because Saliheen forgot to bring our New York passes along???????


Seriously guys, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or joget dayak. 

To be fairrr to him (huffs), I also didn't remind him that it was time to bring our New York passes out lah. We decided to just go ahead to Yankee Stadium right after that since the Madison Square Garden tour wasn't a priority, remember?

So okay lah. I tried to call Yankee Stadium one more time before we boarded the train for the 30-minute journey. Tetap tak angkat jugak. But it's okay, we thought, they have a few slots so there has to be one slot which is available, right?????

WRONG. Because hari tu kita pergi Yankee Stadium, hari tu jugak dorang ada event and all remaining tours for the day were cancelled!!! Steady kacang je pompuan at the gate cakap dengan kita gini: "You should've arrived earlier, we had 3 available tours before you arrived today" Well, you people should've picked up the damn phone, INNIT?????

Darah naik. But what to do, we bo pian already right? Just take picture outside the stadium lor. Madison Square Garden pun ambik gambar dari luar je lor hahahaha kan aku dah cakap, nasib kentang.

Nasib baik satu satu nampak cantik jugak dari luar hahahahaha

Anyway, after that kita kena bukak itinerary and decide what to do next lor. Since kita belum activate our New York passes at that point, I suggested we tweak our itinerary and activate our New York passes the next day instead. Which means we should go to Madame Tussauds Museum and Museum of Modern Art on another day and do stuff which does not require the New York pass first. Adjust punya adjust, kita decide to jalan jalan Fifth Avenue je hari tu! Visited several iconic places located along Fifth Avenue: 

Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM
First was the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM (which is diagonally opposite a LUSH Spa store, where I may or may not have spent good money on shower gels and face masks) because I am maha jakun hahaha. Bought a double chocolate something something cupcake which was sooooo sickeningly sweet, I boleh rasa my liver, my pancreas segala protesting inside hahaha. Sorry guys! Kena kerja overtime malam ni! Lolol

Apple Store
Then we walked down to the Apple Store, which was cool ah but if you think about it, it really is just a retail store where people can buy Apple products lah hahaha. We could also see the iconic Plaza Hotel from the entrance of the Apple Store - siapa kat sini pernah watch Home Alone 2 and Bride Wars????? That was where the magic happened tau!

FAO Schwarz Toy Store
Sebelah the Apple Store is FAO Schwarz toy store which is the oldest toy store in the whole of United States!!! FAO Schwarz was founded in 1862 k wtf how many years has it been??? Unfortunately, they'll be closing down in July 2015 due to rising rent, hopefully they'll find a cheaper location in Manhattan soon :( I really hate it when historic/iconic places are torn down or shifted because of unreasonable external factors or to make way for modern pursuits :(

One of the best things from this trip to Fifth Avenue was going into Niketown and buying new sneakers for myself!!!!! I survived through the first few days in NYC with my Topshop slip-ons but by this day, my little toe cannot take it anymore already!!!!! Mintak ampun already!!!!! Raw angry blisters all forming already!!!!! So we popped into Niketown, chose a pair I liked and voila~ I had my first pair of Nike Roshe sneakers.

Jangan judge, I don't wear sneakers on a regular basis and the only pair of sneakers I've ever had for occasional exercise sessions is from Adidas k. It was so ketara that when I sent a picture of myself (standing next to a Tina Turner wax figure) to my sisters in our Whatsapp chatgroup, the first comment one of them gave was "Since when you wear Nike sneakers" TENKZ. Tanya lah khabar dulu kalau ye pun.

Momofuku Milk Bar
This stop is also one of the best things from this trip to Fifth Avenue, and my absolute favourite one!!!!! Friends keep telling me I must try Momofuku Milk Bar because it is part of the quintessential NYC experience so I have to admit I was quite pumped for this. Turns out the HYPE IS FO' REALZ PEOPLE. 

I bought their 'Greatest Hits' package which costs USD16.00 and consists of their ultimate popular items like (1) cereal milk soft serve with crunch (2) crack pie (3) birthday truffles and (4) compost cookie. My verdicts: The compost cookie was nice but normal, birthday truffles was a real good treat, crack pie was craaaaazzzzzy sedap (totally understand why some people say it's addictive like crack!) and the cereal milk soft serve with crunch was an awesome riot in my mouth. If I ever go back to NYC, I'd repurchase the cereal milk soft serve and crack pie, fo 'sho.

Also trudged down to Johnston & Murphy because Saliheen needed more dress shoes for work and he was obsessed with the idea of owning shoes from them after someone mentioned the brand to him in passing (Dude can't stop raving even more after we walked out because their service was personalized and tip top even though both of us walked in looking like hobos after a full day out haha). Passed by Trump Tower, Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman but didn't walk in because we had no intention of shopping for luxury brands during this trip. Maybe next time? I hear their window displays are gorgeous during festive periods like Christmas :P (MASIH AH NAK NEXT TIME)

Lepas tu same drill as the day before - went back to hotel, washed up, had dinner and jalan jalan Times Square because kita masih belum puas! We just like being in Times Square okay, banyak interesting characters hahaha.

All that said, seems like the day turned out quite well in the end, right? Now we are alllll happy and the universe is back at its original equilibrium, right? Our schedule is going to remain safe and sound, right? Nooobody is going to disappoint us again after this, right? Nothing is going to screw up anymore, right? RIGHT?????

YOU WAIT. Tunggu I blog pasal Day 4 OKAY. Nak naik helicopter macam nak telan batu. Boleh cekik darah.

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