Birthday Trip, New York City, May 2015 (Day 9)

Hi guys, I dah nak blog pasal my last day in NYC ni! HEART BROKEN EMOJI! 

Okay la, not like we did much on this day so nothing much to blog about anyway hahaha. I should probably change the title of this entry but I very malas! And as always, if you haven't been following our journey from the beginning then you can start by reading my entries for Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7 and Day 8 ok.

14 May 2015 (Day 9)

We didn't have any itinerary for our last (half) day in NYC so we slept in a little longer, hung around our hotel then went out for our last Halal Guys lunch in NYC down the street.

This is a picture of my husband saying goodbye to his new found obsession (Chicken Over Rice platter) and his new found friends from the The Halal Guys food cart. By the way, here's a tip, if it isn't obvious already: Greet the staff with a confident "Assalamualaikum" if you're Muslim and they'll be a little bit friendlier to you! Hehehe.

Hopped into a cab after lunch, and travelled to the JFK airport for our 14 plus hour flight to Dubai International Airport. Which was where we had an 8-hour transit a.k.a the longest transit we've ever had so far.

But it's alright, it's okay, because we decided early on that there was no way we were going to lepak bersepah inside the airport for 8 bloody boring hours after a 14 hour plus flight. Nah-uh. So we checked in to the Dubai International Airport Hotel during our transit - at least both of us can sleep and eat and wash up in peace and comfort! We considered booking the Snooze Cube but it was limited and not what we wanted.

Eh hi, that is me in my comfy tee and comfy pants in the mirror reflection hehehe. My standard travel get-up!

In case anyone is interested to check-in to the Dubai International Airport Hotel during long transits, what I did was: I emailed the hotel directly for pro-rated rates since all we needed was a room for 5 hours (instead of booking via the hotel website or third parties like Agoda and paying full rate for full day).

The hotel then emailed me two room options - we were quoted AED815.00 (SGD307.00) + 10% service charge per room for an Executive Room and AED530.00 (SGD200) + 10% service charge per room for a Deluxe Room from 2.00pm to 7.00pm. We chose Deluxe since it is the cheaper option... the room was clean and spacious enough!

Honestly it isn't much cheaper than if you were to book from Agoda for 1 full day but whatever savings yang dapat, ambik je la. I also overheard one of their staff telling a potential walk-in guest a different and more expensive hourly rate than what we paid so I guess it'll be cheaper to book in advance via email than to just walk in.

The process from when you land until you arrive at the hotel is also pretty simple: A hotel representative will pick you up from your gate (you need to pass your flight details to the hotel during booking), he/she will usher you to the correct terminal (they have rooms in all of the terminals, you will be allocated to the one closest to your gate) and he/she will bring you up to the registration counter. Once all documents are verified, kick back and relax in your room. Yay!

Actually something minor happened just before we checked in and I was a little peeved at the staff who handled it at first (excuse me, do I look like I want to deal with incompetence after 14 plus hours of flight?!) but another staff (good old Sam!) picked it up from there and was so apologetic and so so gracious, that it made up for that minor lapse. Will definitely consider staying here again if we have another transit that is more than 3/4 hours! 

Anyway aku nak banyak songeh pasal hotel kat Dubai buat ape eh, can wrap up this entry and start my final entry on this NYC trip already! I know I have unreplied emails yang tanya pasal NYC, but I want to post that entry dulu because all the information will be in there! Sabar menanti, please. I just hope this sudden mojo in posting entries will continue until after this Golden Jubilee weekend la haha. Have a good long weekend, my friends!

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