Roll Over The Ocean! Roll Over The Sea!

What do you do when you start missing food you had while on holiday? 

You (try and) recreate it in your own kitchen, of course.

Well, you could also fly over to the country which sells the food that you're craving for but I am not a Kardashian and don't have that fly-halfway-across-the-world-at-short-notice kind of money lying around my house so I'll stick to recreating food in my kitchen, thank you very nice! I've done it before, anyway - recreate food from my holidays, I mean - and I really do enjoy it very much. 
Except when I fail miserably, like when I tried to recreate the vegetarian dumplings called Pierogi we had in Poland and it ended up looking and tasting like lumps of kerbau shit instead. Not like I know how kerbau shit tastes like la, I'm not that adventurous sampai makan najis (what would the halal police say, gasp!), but I imagine kerbau shit would taste as bad as that haha.

Anyway, I started missing the lobster rolls from Luke's Lobster after blogging about it a few weeks ago then kebetulan Sorted Food (one of my favourite cooking channels) posted an episode on Lobster Rolls!!!!! You can watch it here

I used most of the ingredients listed in their recipe but changed some of the quantity depending on taste, I didn't follow the exact order of putting in ingredients, and I also didn't go through the tedious steps of removing the meat from the lobster! I bought lobster meat (already peeled from its shell) because I am not only lazy, I am also smart. I mean...... who ask you go peel yourself, right?!?!?! Just buy the peeled lobster meat off the shelf la!!!!! How, is that smart or not.

I got the lobster meat from the Adam Halal store opposite my flat at S$25 per tray, by the way. I don't know if Eating Crabs sells lobster meat in the same form as well, but I guess no harm asking if you want to try out this recipe. 

This recipe is ridiculously simple for something so delicious!!!!! I prefer the mayonnaise sauce version whereas Saliheen prefers the hot butter sauce version - I think I would've liked the hot butter one better if I didn't overcook the lobster meat (you can see this happening in the video above). Really quite unfortunate lobster meat is freaking expensive though, or else, I'd make this a regular staple for when family and/or friends come over. Fancy siol kalau serve lobster everytime tetamu datang rumah! Semua kena datang pakai ballgown and tuxedo ah gitu hahaha.

P.S. I recently found out Luke's Lobster and Magnolia Bakery have outlets in Tokyo so YESSAH!!! Actually, a lot of places that we went to in NYC have considerable presence in Tokyo seh, including the Statue of Liberty kwa kwa kwaaa.

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