Siapa Siak Keyser Soze?

During the recent long weekend, I wanted to cook nasi lemak so Saliheen and I made it for our friends who came over for movie night! I figured it wouldn't be too difficult, just leceh because got so many components.

In the end everything turned out great except our nasi!!!!! BARANG PALING PENTING SEH. The rice was lemak and sedap ah but the texture was all wrong because lembik. We did the rice in two batches, both times the nasi lembik. Letak kat tengah tengah Sahara desert pun belum tentu boleh kering beb.

But lembik tak apa, asalkan dalam Instagram tak nampak :P

Clock-wise: Ayam goreng, ikan bilis, sambal sotong, sambal petai, timun, sambal manis, telur dadar and of course, the lembik but Instagrammable nasi lemak :P Nasib baik masih boleh makan because the taste was right and went well with the other dishes. Just the texture je yang off.

We watched 'The Usual Suspects' after our nasi lemak dinner and it was so, so good! I've been trying to watch cult classic movies as part of my personal 30 before 30 project so this was a great start. I've taken an interest for American pop culture so this is also me trying to "complete" that interest.

It sucks when an article/someone makes a reference and I don't understand/appreciate it because I didn't watch a particular movie or TV show! Now whenever someone says "Who is Keyser Soze?" I can reply with "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" :P

My favourite scene is the famous line-up scene, of course... I still can't believe the lines were ad-libbed!

Saliheen and I also watched 'Goodfellas' on our own the day after that and it was so good too!!! Especially when you know it is based on a true story wtf. I've read Bryan Burrough's Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI 1933 - 1934 and have some knowledge on Depression-era criminals and how the FBI started because of that era so this is a continuation/extension of that? Now I've been reading about the Mafia non-stop! (And lots of movie trivia, of course. Haha)

Also helps that the setting is in New York City, it is fascinating to imagine how the city was like decades ago and spot familiar things since we've been to the city! The next NYC-based classic movie I want to watch is Taxi Driver, which is about a lonely and depressed former US Marine who becomes a taxi driver in NYC. About time I know the context of Robert DeNiro's iconic "You talkin' to me?" line in the movie, amirite

We're also going to watch The Godfather for our next movie night with friends so let's see what the hype is all about, and why Saliheen was so obsessed, he wanted to use The Godfather's soundtrack as our wedding dinner walk-in. Kau pikir kau mob boss ke ape sak. Suruh park motor sembarang bila takde proper parking lot je kau punya jari dah terketar ketar, nak perasan kau Don konon.

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