A Weekend of Plaster Blaster and Cards Against Humanity

Everyone and their mothers have been posting about plaster blaster from Springleaf Prata Place on Instagram and I was so convinced that it is easy to put together at home! Ownself do ownself, you know!

In case you've been living under a tempurung katak without Internet connection, this is how it looks like - it's really just prata with poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on top. Senang cakap it's hipster prata la lolol

Turns out that it is... sort of easy but not really that easy at the same time :P

The frying of instant prata pusar and chicken ham was easy gila obviously, but the hollandaise sauce and poached eggs were a little trickier. I used the recipe for hollandaise sauce from here, and Saliheen made the poached eggs using method #3 from hereBehold, our masterpiece..... (I had 4 of these)

Also made sambal ikan bilis and chicken curry to accompany our ~glorious~ array of plain prata pusar, coin prata, egg prata and cheese prata. We even topped the day off by playing the fire noodle challenge hahaha! Let's just say no apologies were made to our poor tummies and calories-stuffed arteries that weekend hehehe #sorrynotsorry

Special shout out to the chicken curry, which I made from scratch for the first time :D Recipe is from Liyana because I loved her curry when I was over at her KL apartment in June and tried it with our roti canai breakfast. Not my mum's recipe this time because hers is more melayu than Indian, if that makes sense :P

Spent the rest of the afternoon playing Cards Against Humanity with our friends and it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I always laugh so hard whenever I play this game!!! I am now convinced that Saliheen and I are horrible people who have horrible friends HAHAHAHAHA!!! Definitely not intended for the easily offended or those who don't appreciate dark humour #wecantbefriends

Saliheen and I first played this card game at a friend's cafe (check out Afterwit, you guys!) and had a riot (the good kind) so we wanted our own set to play with friends at home. I wasn't sure how to purchase it online (since their official website does not post to addresses in Singapore) and I was suspicious of the authenticity of the sets sold on Carousell so in the end I tried my luck with local toy and merchandise stores. 

Turns out Toy Outpost in Bugis Junction sells the whole range - the main set costs S$35.00, extension packs 1 to 5 costs S$13.00, extension pack 6 costs S$14.00 and the Bigger Blacker Box set costs S$25.00. Kalau you cheapskate, actually you boleh print je la from their official website. Free, beb.

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