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It still feels weird to me whenever cab/Uber drivers ask me whether my BTO is new and I say yes but then quickly realize that it's been up and running for a year already. A YEAR ALREADY!

Speaking of which, our 1st move-to-own-home anniversary is coming this December!!! And I plan to change things up a little! Nothing drastic or major since we're perfectly happy with our current layout and furniture, I'm thinking more of smaller decorative pieces like artwork and clocks, you know?

Listing down some of the home-related items that I'd like to change so I can start to actively look out for replacements! Selagi aku tak list down the things to do kan, selagi tu aku tak akan buat HAHA:

1. Wall Clock

Our current clock is the generic plastic SGD1.50 one from IKEA and was meant to be temporary tau hahaha easy to be lazy when you know the existing one works just fine!!!!!

Kesian nya rumah cantik tapi pakai jam dinding harga seringgit lima posen je. Hehehe.

We're now looking for a new clock which is simple and preferably wooden with white/brown accents! Haven't seen anything we like so far, not even on our travels and random internet trawlz. The closest one that I like is this one from Etsy, which is SGD140 with shipping:

Two of our friends (from separate groups) recommend the clocks on Society6 too so maybe that's the place to start? So many cute designs! I really do want one without a black border though, so if we really can't find anything else I might just bite the bullet and order the one above from Etsy.

2. Wall Decoration for Living Room

Sekarang our wall decoration for living room is a framed picture of three hexagons in gradient colour linked to each other and new guests will always ask "What does it mean?" hahahahaha apa sak korang, macam tanya soalan existential pls. Kita pun tak tau la, it's just a design we saw, we liked and we recreated.

Tapi honestly kan, what we really want for our living room is this brass geometric wreath!

We actually wanted to buy bendealah ni from this Etsy store tau but it ships within US aje. Meh. I also like this horseshoe shaped version from another Etsy store, maybe if we really cannot find anything else we like, I can try my luck and message the owner to ask if she'd consider shipping out to Singapore. 

I'm still hoping we'd stumble upon something worth hanging as wall art/decoration during our upcoming holiday in Tokyo though, so we'll hold out until January next year for this.

3. Decorative Pieces for Living Room Shelves

Hahaha kesian our living room shelves sekarang ada a mix of random stuff sebab kita belum put much thought into decorating them. But the time has come to put in some thought and it is now!!!!!!!

Picture of the shelves I'm talking about so you all tak terpikir pikir shelves apa ni si dekni berbual:

These 3 shelves in the living room that you will pass by just before you masuk dapur. 

Currently, we have a large Sparkling Snow scented candle and a white candle warmer from Yankee Candle on the lowest level, a glass terrarium from Typo, a Tampines Town Council corporate calendar, a glass vial of sand from our Maldives honeymoon and a crystal cube engrossed with silhouette of Empire State Building from NYC on the middle level and a brown framed picture of us at our Trash the Dress photo-shoot at the top level. Got so random not?!?!?!

Unfortunately I really have no idea on how to re-style these shelves la - what should I add? what should I re-locate? how should I re-arrange? I should really trawl Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration soon!!!!! Wahai website website puaka, I am coming for you all soon..........

4. Plants along the Main Door

And by plants, I really mean herbs! You know macam those grow your own herb kits yang very hip and very trendy sekarang? Some people really tergila gilakan nowadays! Yang macam ni la:

Cuma sorry to break it to you people ah, actually ni benda nenek moyang kita dari dulu dah buat seh hahaha. Except dorang punya pokok cili merah, pokok daun limau, pokok daun curry and pokok daun inai LOL

I'm interested in growing both omputeh herbs and melayu-centric herbs (lol) but I'm not entirely sure if Saliheen is okay with them growing outside our main door. He didn't seem to mind when I step cakap "it's about time I have my own cili outside our house!" a few months ago haha! Kesian seh aku, tengah halfway masak sekali realize cili dalam fridge dah habis.

I'm quite malas to pergi cari all the biji biji and soil though, so this will probably be the least of my priorities hwa hwa hwa... Ooh or maybe I can put up some fairy lights or decorative vases at the area outside our main door since we have that area all to ourselves??? Need inspiration! Stat!

5. Wall Decoration for Walkway

Currently we have 1 framed quote on our walkway wall which says "Today I Choose Joy" and as much as I love the quote, I want to "spice" things up a little at the walkway leading to our master bedroom.

I kind of like wooden shadowbox shelves (something like this) but I have a feeling Saliheen won't and will be all wet blanket and say ni benda collect habuk (Lu punya PS4 pun collect habuk ape.....) Plus we'll have to decide whether kita nak leave the shelves kosong or letak decorative pieces... ada added decisions! So now I'm veered towards the idea of something similar but with mirrors instead:

This hanging mirror costs about SGD200 each from this Etsy store but again, it only ships within USA. BUMMER MUCH! If Saliheen isn't averse to having a mirror hanging on the walkway wall then I guess we can start looking out for similar mirror pieces locally or get my handy dandy uncle to craft a piece or two for us.

If he IS averse to having a mirror hanging on the walkway for whatever reason, then I guess we'll stick to the current framed quote until something else that is more interesting comes along.

Actually kan, I CRAZY love the idea of mounting this neon sign from this Etsy store to our walkway wall - if we choose white bulb, it'll still fit our pseudo-Japanese minimalist/Scandinavian home, kan...? Tapi I actually berangan je la, the harga is quite susah nak telan ok!!!!! SGD1840 with shipping wtf!!!!! Harga telan kaca!!!

I'm sure Saliheen will say no to this... kan B kan??? 

Unless you want to say yes then of course I tak akan membantah..........

..... I guess not.



  1. Hahah have you thought of using a forwarder like ComGateway to ship the stuff from US? You'll get a US address and they will ship your stuff from that US address to Singapore. :D For your plants, you can look at http://www.paris-garden.com/. It's based in HK but they deliver to Singapore for about 20 over bucks. A lot of variety of herbs, spices, flowers and fruits! You can buy the seeds in packets or buy as a set together with the metal pots like in your picture. About 10 to 30 bucks..

    1. I have! But I very malas baca the instructions because macam banyak steps haha. But I will force myself out of this malasness and go pahamkan soon hehe

      Thanks for the link for the seeds! I'll check that out too. This morning I saw someone posting pasal seed delivery service in Singapore, I should have known there would be online shopping and delivery options for seeds now seh. Lagi best, the costs seem quite cheap :D

    2. It's really easy! Just buy as per normal from the item's website but use the U.S. address that they provide you with. Once your item reaches that U.S. address they will send you a notification and ask whether you want to proceed with shipping to your Singapore address or you want to wait for more items to arrive from other websites (if you buy from more than one website that is). You can estimate the shipping rate from the calculator too. Or you can repack your package (at a small cost I think) so that its lighter or smaller and cheaper to ship (I have not tried repacking though since I only bought one item). Then just wait! :D

    3. Hmmm that sounds manageable! I might just try that one of these days!

  2. hahaha his comment "Eh siol" made me burst out laughing.

    1. HAHAHA that comment is so short but makna nya mendalam ok lol

  3. Hi hi have you been to east village? There's a shop somewhere inside there tt sells this nice wooden clock. No idea where the exact location of the shop and its name cos we kinda pusing pusing jalan while waiting for our churros to be ready! And tt clock can also be found at changi airport basement 3 i think where cold storage is at. But the clock is not sold in cold storage la.. Its at 1 of d stalls. Haha! We like tt clock cos it fits our Scandinavian theme too. ((:

    1. Yes I've been to East Village but only to eat... will definitely head there soon to see if I can find the store that you've mentioned! :D Thanks so much for the recommendation, and best of luck for your Scandinavian themed home!!!


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