We're Going to the Zoo! Zoo! Zoo! How about You! You! You!

A few weeks ago, Saliheen and I went to the Singapore Zoo!

Our friends Nani and Poji had complimentary tickets and asked us along, so we packed our hot-dog rolls and jemput jemput bawang (Because, uh... priorities? Makanan at the zoo mahal gila ok) and off we went!

First order of the day - paid S$5.00 for a basket of carrot slices to be fed to a giraffe.

This is my favourite part of the day because Aisyah was such a hilarious kental ball of a baby! She kept wanting to feed the giraffe but every time the giraffe's huge and slimy tongue took a carrot slice off her chubby fingers, her face would scrunch up like she is geli and her body would shudder and wobble uncontrollably hahahahaha! Cutest thing I've ever seen. Apa yang tak cute is her wiping the giraffe's slimy air liur off her hands on my chest when it was all over TENKZ 

I know my mummy friends complain of baby spit all over their tudung and baju all the time but this is bringing it to another level sia. Come talk to me again when you have giraffe spit on your baju ok? HAHAHAHA

And yes, I walked around with giraffe spit on my baju for the rest of the day la. Abeh takkan aku nak cuci baju kat zoo tu jugak... mana aku nak dapat washing machine??? Belakang enclosure singa pe??? Kalau ada pun, buat seram je. Busy siol ada washing machine belakang enclosure singa hahahahaha

Kau try cui sikit, entah entah ada washing machine kat belakang hahahahaha

Teaching baby Aisyah how a snake looks like. Nanti you dah besar baru you tau snakes ni kadang kadang ada juga dalam bentuk manusia ye..... #lifelessons

Familiar scene happening now all over the world - husband excitedly attempts to mount his wife but his wife will have none of it so she waddles away and hides under some leaves LOL (Wait, what do you mean you don't hide under leaves when you don't feel like having any action tonight??? HAHAHAHA)

The zebra crossing that excited and tickled my husband - "B! B! Tengok! Their zebra crossing looks like zebra stripes! Hahahahahaha!" ..... I married a child, guys, we've established this a long time ago.

And this is a picture of said child holding our tubs of hot-dog rolls and jemput jemput bawang with an iron grip because #priorities HAHA

Anyway guys, I don't know whether it's because we're older now and have lost our sense of wonderment or because it was the heat and haze combined, but Saliheen and I thought the zoo wasn't as happy and as glorious as we remember :( 

Both of us have fond memories of our school excursions to the zoo when we were 5? 6? and somehow not even the familiar taste of homemade hot-dog rolls and jemput jemput bawang (masih ah) could bring us back to the good old days where the animals didn't look as miserable and the other zoo-goers weren't as rowdy, uncouth, uncivilized and perangai mengalahkan binatang... if you get what I mean. Sigh.

But it was still a fun little excursion with our friends and their baby Aisyah (I refuse! to! call! her! toddler!) because she was so stimulated by the sights and sounds and smells and reacted to them so adorably. We'll still probably return if we have our own baby one day so we'll see how we feel about it then. Mana tau betul betul dah ada washing machine kat belakang enclosure singa by that time ke HAHAHAHAHA MASIH AH

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