Another Cousin's Wedding (Nov Edition)

We were supposed to go to three weddings during the weekend but ended up at only one. 

And that one happens to be my cousin Aizam's! It was a nice and simple ceremony kat rumah, with friends and family bergotong royong to chip in with their tenaga and resources. And knowing my extended family, the event melarut sampai malam haha. I guess that's the good thing about getting married at home, you don't have to worry about additional fees, cooking space or having to clear out venue by a certain time, etc!

One of the best parts of my maternal family events is seeing all of my cousins again... full squad this time! We're planning another sleepover next month before another cousin gets married in January. I really love how all of us kahwin berderet deret!!! Seems like all of us plan to try for babies next year too so hopefully kita beranak pun berderet deret macam our parents dulu dulu. As in one after another at different times in different suites la, not literally side by side beranak sama time sama tempat. My extended family is kecoh ah tapi tak kecoh sampai gitu siol.

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