From Chanel to Canon

These are two more items that Saliheen's mother have graciously gifted me on two separate occasions - the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder which she uses and loves, and the Chanel No.5 Parfum Purse Spray

I love the latter because it's not only the exact perfume I use on a regular basis, but it's also useful and handy for travel. I usually go without perfume when I travel because it's so leceh to jaga bottle kaca but not anymore, I guess! As for the sheer powder, I just read up on how to use it but I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to doing so. It is just sooooo pretty and I feel so sayang la nak pakai. Hehe.

Anyway, the above picture is a test shot from last weekend when I tried to learn how to pakai camera betul betul from Saliheen. Macam tak menjadi ah actually hahaha but takpe, these kind of things kena slowly belajar. My husband pun baru jugak berjinak jinak with photography so I terkena the tempias.

Ever since he belajar more about cameras, he wants to buy a Canon EOS, and since we already have 2 cameras, we plan to sell our Sony a5000 to make room for that. I'll share more once we're ready to sell! I mean, tak senonoh kan hidup berdua tapi camera kat rumah sampai ada tiga??? Kalau boleh print duit, takpe jugak. 

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