Snap Snap Snap

If you follow me on Snapchat, you'd know that this happened during the weekend as well:

We bought a Canon EOS 6D yesterday! We went to Courts on motorbike instead of using kereta, thinking: We're only going to buy ONE camera, we don't need so much space, how heavy can it be??? Naik motor sudah. 

But we should've known from experience that (1) whenever I get a gut feeling, it's almost always right (I had a gut feeling we were better off driving to Courts but shrugged it off) and that (2) whenever Saliheen finally decides on a particular purchase, his timing is impeccable and he will always get some kind of unexpected discount or freebie. He's the sort of person who will check something out at the store, tell the salesperson he will think about it, come back two weeks later to purchase and the item he wants will be on 30% off. It's ridiculous. Maybe all those long hours he spends dalam bilik air is really due to his top secret mandi bunga ritual!

Anyway, the salesperson told us there was a promotion for the model we wanted so we got a few freebies: a good solid tripod (not those lousy, flimsy kind!), SD card, a super nice camera bag, cleaning kit and the absolute killer - a dry cabinet for the camera body and lens storage. Tak kelakar sak, siapa nak naik motor pegang cabinet!!!!! I ended up taking a taxi home with all of the barang barang, with Saliheen trailing behind on his motorbike. 

There was another promotion going on at Courts - for every S$50 you spent, you get 1 lucky draw chance to win a car. Kakak cashier gave us over 70 lucky draw slips for our purchase and laughed when I said "Ni kalau tak menang, tak tau apa nak cakap" haha! I don't even mind if we don't get the top prize (which is the car) because kalau dapat the consolation prize (Courts vouchers worth S$1888) pun muai seh. Tapi laki aku confirm pakai buat beli vacuum cleaner Dyson ah. Niat terpendam suri rumahtangga jangan dihalang beb. Merbahaya.


  1. Hi! Been a silent reader all these while but I just had to comment.I spent the weekend filling up 40 of those lucky draw forms and the same thought kept running through my mind. 😂😂

    1. Hahaha hello! Are you done with the lucky draw forms already??? I haven't gotten round to it haiz. But good luck to us please!!!!!

      Can you imagine kalau someone buys furniture and mattress and TV and everything one shot for their new home, and spends around S$10k ke ape??? That's 200 lucky draw slips mak datok hahahaha


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