My First Ever Luxury Wishlist

I wanted to include a disclaimer about this wishlist but it was so long, it became an entry on its own wtf.

So I'm just gonna eff it! Not like it matters anyway, because if people want to sangka buruk, they will sangka buruk even if you have the purest of intentions. Kalau letak disclaimer panjang sangat nanti orang cakap defensive pulak. You know la our society nowadays... Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Haha! 

But I still want to selit this: Yes, I used to be that person who didn't think much about luxury brands but ever since I saw and own the Celine Luggage Tote, I realized the reason why I didn't care about the other luxury items is because... I never saw the one that I'd fall in love with. It is as simple as that. I still think some things are ugly as hell and never worth their price tags but hey, one man's meat is another man's poison, amirite?

Anyway, ever since my first experience with a luxury item that I genuinely love and enjoy, it has led to a few other items that I want to try and get in my lifetime! I'm now listing them down so I can work towards attaining them - I'm just like any other ordinary person who has to work and save hard for her luxury purchases ok.

1. Chanel Espadrilles

I've lusted over this for quite some time after I saw a pair on a celebrity and won't rest until I get a pair myself! I think the one in beige is more popular but I'm scared it'll get dirty easier and faster, so the one I'm eyeing is the black leather ones. I think they're about S$800 wtf bayar mahal mahal untuk buat pijak pijak APA MAKSUD

The thing is, I've only seen this pair of espadrilles in pictures so I don't really know if the quality and comfort (if any) is worth the price and hype. I'll have to go to a Chanel boutique and try them on to truly know if I want to commit. Mana tau macam all of my past crushes (except for Saliheen hehe), indah khabar dari rupa. Haha! If it's not comfortable or has lousy quality in real life, I will most probably ditch this.

2. Givenchy Antigona

I first saw this when someone tweeted about it, and I fell in loveeeeeee. Seems like I've taken a liking to boxy bags heh heh. I'd prefer to get the mini one because I already have a fairly large boxy bag (Celine Medium Luggage Tote) which I use for weddings and other special events. I want something smaller that I can easily sling over my shoulder and carry around for dates and other dressy functions.

I don't really know what material/finish I want until I see and feel them in real life so I can't figure out the price range that I should be looking at. (Please guide me along if you are a luxury bag sifu!) Just going to start saving between S$3,000 to S$3,500 for this baby, but it'll probably take me another year or two or so to do that. 

3. Mansur Gavriel Black Flamma

I first learned about Mansur Gavriel from Ezdi! I swear that girl is the cause of 50% of my material lusts OK #marahtakmarah hahaha. I Googled the brand after she mentioned it and I fell hard in love with their iconic Black Flamma!!! It's the black bucket bag with bright red lining inside. Needless to say, I am now following their official Instagram for restock notifications and errr... inspiration hahahaha.

This is more attainable "financially" than Givency Antigona because the mini bucket bag (the one I want) is about S$700, which is about 4 times cheaper. Only problem? Their Black Flamma bags are limited in quantity (which probably contributes to the craze) and sell out within minutes. I know, it's as ridiculous as it sounds.

I haven't tried purchasing their Black Flamma during restocks because I still want to see and feel the Chanel Espadrilles and Burberry Scarf first before I decide which one to purchase first (Since their price point is about the same) Hopefully I'll have my decision by the next time they re-stock! I don't mind considering the black bucket bag but with different colour lining (I quite like nude, navy or cobalt) or a completely different bag like their crossbody or tote, if I don't have any luck getting their Black Flamma. Will cross this bridge when I get to it. 

4. Burberry Scarf

Aku tak pakai tudung and tak tinggal kat negeri sejuk, but aku suka pulak Burberry punya scarfs hahahaha. 

I really don't know why I'm so drawn to this, but I seriously love the scarfs in their classic range la!!! Torn between the three colours above: (from top to bottom) Stone Check, Camel Check, Charcoal Check. It's S$850 per scarf, additional S$120 if you want it monogrammed. Mungkin dorang jahit pakai benang emas kot.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of paying that kind of money for a scarf la actually. Memang boleh beli replica for $5 kat pasar malam, orang pun tak tau betul ke bedek hahaha but I really like how it falls when draped and the texture must be amazing!!! Maybe I'll turn it into a legacy piece if I do buy it one day? Pass down to anak cucu cicit, siapa tumpahkan air ke curry atas scarf ni, kena potong jari kecik kasi buaya makan.

I hate odd numbered lists but I can't genapkan this one because I only have 4 luxury items that I want to own in the near future (for now?) There are 2 other bags that I quite like too - Chloe Marcie Medium Satchel and the Chanel Classic Flap Bag - but they're not a priority right now. It's more kalau dapat, dapat, kalau tak dapat pun takpe, you know? I don't even know much about these two bags so might have to activate my friends yang lebih berpengalaman *cough Ezdi cough Dyan cough* to beri tunjuk ajar in the future hehe.


  1. Heyyy my target luxury item is also a Chanel flap bag, targetting as a 30th birthday gift for myself! Mixed feelings abourrit sebab I want the bag but I don't wanna be know. Macam ada choice plak. Lol. In any case, good luck savinng and lusting at the same timeee :)

    1. Bestnya!!! Maybe I should target that as a 40th birthday gift for myself eh. Tapi tu nanti lagi sedih seh nak masuk 40 years old haha! I think it's nice that you're putting a target to treat yourself seh. Makes turning 30 a little more fun hehe

  2. HEEHEE... btw can always check out Reebonz for a rough gauge of bags prices!

    1. Ooooh I never thought of that! ~noobie alert~ Ok, I'll go look look see see :D

  3. I think it's easier to get the Mansur Gavriel now that it's not as hyped as when it first launched. Just sign up first to key in your details few days before it launches and be ready at the website 10 minutes before it launches. If you subscribe to them or just check their website often enough, they'll tell you the date and time of next launch closer to the launch date.

    1. I think so too! I follow them on Instagram and always manage to catch their restock dates but never really made an active effort to buy because I'm not ready yet. Hopefully soon!

      The last restock, I checked their website a few hours after the launch timing and turns out they still had bucket bags available for sale... of course, the black flamma takde la, that one exclusive sikit so kena put in effort hehe. Will try your tips when I'm ready to purchase!


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