Pre-Tokyo Vibes

On this exact day and time, next month, we'll be arriving in Tokyooooo :D 

Was supposed to meet the bloggirls for a picnic at East Coast Park last weekend but had to postpone it due to unforeseen circumstances. So Saliheen and I took advantage of our free Saturday morning to apply for travel insurance, figure out Tokyo's public transport and make online bookings for the following items on our itinerary:

Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train Day Trip (via Viator here

Both of us really want to see Mount Fuji upclose and personal and nak naik shinkansen (bullet train) so we Googled for a tour booking and found a day trip tour on the Viator website. Looks promising because it fulfills our criteria and has good reviews so apa lagi, beli la. I actually did research for a bullet train ticket out to Kyoto for a day trip but mahal tahap kena jual kidney kiri so we'll simpan niat for another time. Haha!

Sumo Tournament (via official website here)

Got lucky with the Sumo tournament! Both of us wanted to catch a sumo match but we didn't know when the tournament was available in Tokyo. Lepas dah book flight tickets baru kita check, terus dapat tau it'll be held during the same period we will be in Tokyo i.e. January!!! Really looking forward to this because I want to understand this traditional sport in depth + I bet the atmosphere in the stadium will be electrifying. Can't wait!

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