'Tis the Musim for Turkey and Friends

Saliheen and I ordered Whole Roasted Turkey with Stuffing and Premium Roasted Beef Ribeye from ZAC Butchery online and had them delivered to our place for a get-together with our friends during the weekend! It was our first time ordering cooked items from them but no regrets sebab the food was sedap!!!!! Especially their roasted beef ribeye, it was the star of the day lor. I am still dreaming of its fatty lemak lemak..........

Nina also brought along bowls of cheng tng from the famous Bedok Corner stall and her homemade potato salad, which was so yummy, it should also be sold at some famous stall in some corner la!!!!! Preferably the corner of my house so aku boleh gorge on her potato salad any time any day haha! Anyway, kita belum sempat baca doa makan, kita dah run out of potato salad seh (Aku exaggerate tahap bedek pls). Next time must ask her to bawak her potato salad dalam satu baldi besar. The kind yang orang kampung use to store air mandi hahahaha

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