Directions to Gyumon

Not a proper post on Tokyo but I wanted to publish this first because: (1) I want to link this post to a later post (2) I might take a while to complete my Tokyo posts so this might benefit those leaving for Tokyo already/soon! 

Anyway, these are just directions to the popular Japanese BBQ makan place in Tokyo which has a halal menu called Gyumon. Because makanan is penting and aku memang bangsa pentingkan makanan ok. Clearly.

I first knew about Gyumon when a friend posted about it on her Instagram early last year and I simpan niat to visit if I ever step foot into Tokyo (which as we all know I did, YAY!). Gyumon was also featured on Have Halal Will Travel (here and here) and their posts went viral in Facebook - popularized it so much that almost everyone I knew on Instagram who went to Tokyo would post pictures of their food from Gyumon. Rite of passage la gitu.

Saliheen and I sesat jalan the first time we went to Gyumon (yes, we went to Gyumon more than once, like I said, aku bangsa pentingkan makanan haha) because the route was berliku and banyak construction. It was a little tough to navigate even with Google maps ok! Took pictures on our second trip to serve as reminder if we return to Tokyo next time + I hope this helps friends who want to try out Gyumon. It really is worth a trip (or two).

Look for the police post opposite the famous Shibuya Crossing first before using these directions!

If you prefer to print the directions, I've uploaded printable PDF versions here and here (smaller version)


  1. THIS IS SO HELPFUL FARNA! Sayang kau. Hahahaha
    I hope i don't sesat otw to Gyumon. Cos aku & Rusly cepat frustrated dengan google maps. Lol

    1. HEHEHE YAY HAPPY TO KNOW! Jangan lupa pergi Gyumon dua kali k :P

      It was frustrating ah because real life route macam tak tally sangat with Google map directions because there were so many construction hoardings & we had to take detours... which made us even more sesat lol. But hopefully it'll be better when you guys are there!


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