Whoa, has it really been a month since my last blog post?!

Might be because work was hectic during the year end! I usually get a breather in December but office was a little busier this time round. Only slacked off when 2016 began because I knew I was daysssss away from Tokyo hehe. We caught up with family and friends before we left for Tokyo too, so I didn't have free time to blog at home.

Also, can I state the obvious and gush over how Tokyo was such a dream??? 

I didn't really know what to expect because Tokyo was never my dream destination, but I now realize what a freaking idiot I am for not making it so! Saliheen even asked when we should start planning to return to Tokyo on our second last night haha. Part panic tak paham bahasa, part bingit tersalah masuk train station, part lagi sikit termakan telur covered in babi semua kau tak ingat eh?!

I wish I can start cracking on my travel posts soon but work piled up during the week I was feasting on authentic sashimi and sushi and ramen and Japanese barbecue and getting lost in the magical streets of Tokyo. Kena wait for a break! I'll try to make it fast and make it quick ok (I say this every time and know it is a big fat lie)


  1. make a return trip during cherry blossom season laaahhhh... nyehehehhe! looking forward to your japan entry :)

    1. Omg that is the dream! I will try to return during cherry blossom season... hopefully the crowds won't turn me off hehe. Can't wait to start cracking on the posts too :D


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