Tokyo Travels: Day 5 (Part 1)

Time for Day 5! Halfway through the holiday already guys, don't give up on my entries yet hahaha.

(Although I can feel my blogging mojo starting to fade away..........................................)

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So. We were supposed to start the day by visiting Yushukan War Memorial Museum (a controversial museum in Japan because it celebrates the generals, soldiers who fought and died in World War 2 and glorifies Japan's aggressive militaristic past) but we were tired from the journey to and fro Mount Fuji the day before, and the museum/shrine location is a little off (we'd need to walk quite a distance to get to the site).

So I suggested to Saliheen: Why not skip Yushukan this time round and use our free morning to go to Tsukiji Market instead? Since you've been going on and on and on about returning to Tsukiji Market? 

He said oh yes please, with a huge silly grin on his face.

So we headed to Tsukiji Market for the 2nd time during this trip! When we arrived, I suggested walking down straight instead of turning right like we did the 1st time round. No particular reason la, I figured it'll be nice to masuk from another way. While walking down, I recognized a shopfront that I saw online (here) because the writer said that it has an English menu. So we walked in to have breakfast first before tawaf satu pasar.

We flipped through the menu and that was when we realized it costs between ¥800 (S$9.50) to ¥1300 (S$15.50) per bowl, which is half the price we paid for the food at the first restaurant (in Tsukiji Market) that we went to on our second day!!!!!!! MACAM NAK FLIP TABLE LA PULAK.

Hahahaha. Not really la. Kalau flip table nanti our food berterabuh seh, how to makan.

We just took it as a lesson learned la - don't pay anything more than S$15.00 for such tuna/salmon/seafood rice bowls in Tsukiji Market! There are so many options, and almost everything is of the same good quality so go find for one which doesn't rip you off. Wish I could tell you the name of this 2nd makan place that we went to because the food was delicious (obvi) and they're highly rated on TripAdvisor (I saw the sticker) but their shop name was written in Japanese so I don't know what to tell you also. Just look for the same shopfront, I guess.

(Note: I am still very interested to visit Yushukan though, so that'll be another thing we'll have to pencil in our itinerary when we return to Tokyo. Again, this is a "when" and not an "if" ok!!!!!)

After our breakfast, we jalan jalan around Tsukiji Market again (Tip: don't buy souveniers in Tsukiji Market, I will tell you why when the time comes) then left to go to the next item on our itinerary - Edo-Tokyo Museum!

I really wanted to go to this particular museum because it sounded the most interesting to me - the museum is divided into 2 sections - the period when Tokyo was known as Edo, and the period when Tokyo started to be known as Tokyo. It was really informative because you can see the development of each era, the technological advancements that Japan has made over the past decade as well as everything in between (The Great Kanto Earthquakethe second World War2011 Tsunami, etc)

Instrument of Surrender signed by Japan after their fall in the second World War!

A couple of electronic devices developed and promoted by Japan over the years. That's the early form of a video game arcade! So cool hor. Would definitely recommend Edo-Tokyo Museum if you want to go to a museum which provides a comprehensive timeline of how Edo/Tokyo progressed over the centuries.

Anyway, I can't remember how long we took to complete the museum visit, I think about an hour, an hour half? Then we left the museum and walked over to Ryogoku Kokugikan, which is the stadium where the sumo tournament was held! And this is also the part where I tell you kita sambung this entry on another day la hah.....

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