Tokyo Travels: Day 6 (Part 2)

I'll try to make this entry as short as possible because I really want to wrap up all of my Tokyo entries by next month! Kawan kawan aku semua dah pergi Tokyo and dah balek pun, aku masih ah, belum habis blogging pasal Tokyo hahaha.

So. After almost a full day in Asakusa during the first part of Day 6, we took a train to Akihabara pulak! We didn't do much here since we're not really into otaku culture, we just wanted to jalan jalan, play a game or two in the arcades and tangkap feel je. Tried to look for neoprint machines here too (since I couldn't find them in Harajuku) but no luck :( 

See that (closed) store beside Club Sega? That's the AKKYII tax-free shop that I mentioned in a previous entry. We bought half of the souveniers for our family and friends here! Cheap cheap good good.

I also asked Saliheen whether we can visit an owl cafe since we didn't have any specific plans for Akihabara... and he said YES!!!!! I saw the owl cafe concept in an episode of Roommate (Korean TV show) where they travelled to Japan, and ever since then I told myself I'll have to go to one if I ever jejak Tokyo. So this was my niat fulfilled hehe yayyyyy~~~

Did a Google search and the closest one to where we were was Forest of Owls! It's located on the 5th floor of a building and costs ¥700 (S$8.70) for the first hour per person + one drink. Totally worth it because look at these cuties!!!!!!!

THESE BUGGERS ARE SO CUTE, I CANNOT. EVEN WHEN THEY STARE AND GROWL AT YOU LIKE THEY WANT TO BITE YOU (Which they totally would, there is a reason why there are signs warning people against touching certain owls)

Cuma part tak cute sangat was when I held one of them (the white one with sepet eyes) AND IT BERAK ON ME!!!!! Nang bo tinang. Panas and besar ok dia punya najis!!!!! Dahlah aku pakai seluar hitam! Nak bersihkan, punya la busy beb, dah macam liquid paper tumpah kat seluar. Siak betul hahaha.

Took a taxi to Kabuchiko after that to jalan jalan ambik angin, we resorted to showing the kind and apologetic taxi driver (who couldn't understand English) a picture of this red neon sign so he knew where to drop us off.

And this is the red neon sign we showed him! Very apt for a well-known red light district haha.

Even made time to visit Godzilla yang menetap di Hotel Gracery hahahahahaha

We then walked down from Kabuchiko to Shinjuku (walking in Tokyo is so therapeutic, unlike Singapore!) and dropped by Lumine - we bought doughnuts from Doughnut Plant and cheese tarts from BAKE by Kinotoya!!!!!!!

Right off the bat, I will tell you first that doughnuts from Doughnut Plant were disappointing ok. To us, at least la. We didn't get to try them when we were in NYC because their store was nowhere near our destinations in NYC so quite lucky kita tak take the effort and go out of the way to get them ke apa. Dough is dry and dense, and icing is terlalu manis potong kaki kasi diabetics. I have a sweet tooth and even I balked at all that sugar. Took two bites then terus buang the rest.

But the baked cheese tarts are a different thing altogether - they were sooooo sedap seh!!! The crust is perfect, the texture of the cheese is perfect, 10 out of 10 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! One piece of tart costs ¥200 (S$2.50), which is so muai. 

So..... amacam geng? Not bad right this entry, not as long as usual??? Hehehehehe

Ok la bye korang, I want to start cracking on my entries for my second last day in Tokyo pulak.

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