Have A Steamy Chinese New Year

Quick update on the lunch that Saliheen and I had with our friends over the long Chinese New Year weekend! We had a steamboat session because, duh, it's Chinese New Year, why in the world would we eat anything else?!

Nad brought a huge tupperware of her yummy homemade orange chicken salad, Nina brought kueh pie tee and sedap gila popiah basah and all of us bought meat and seafood from ZAC Butchery and Deli (as recommended by Nani) for the seafood and grill lunch session over at my place. Char kway teow by my husband, who is ridiculously good at cooking food that he is obsessed with, whereas I made soup bases; guests could choose either Chinese ginseng soup or tom yam.

I really love lunches like these, where everything feels very gotong royong and there are no frills to fret over. Just good food and good company, you know? Oh, it was also on this day that I finally know how it feels like to have sambal belacan burning in my eyes because someone *cough Nad cough* had no decency to screw the cap of the sambal bottle properly.

But at least she had the smarts to score a shiny new tunang (Hi Ridzwan!) who is awesome and techie and generous enough to help us set up a shiny new Netflix account!!!!! Aku and laki aku damn noobies ok, we didn't know we could've just done it ourselves in 10 minutes via his PS4 haha. But whatever, no matter, just look at us now! We have Netflix in our home! At only S$13 per month! Nasib baik mata tak buta from the sambal belacan seh, kalau buta macam mana nak tengok Netflix??? I pun nak tau seh apa rasa Netflix and chill #ohtakeh

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