Tokyo Travels: Day 7 (Part 1)

Already blogged about Day 1 here and here, Day 2 here, here and here, Day 3 here and here, Day 4 here, Day 5 here and here and Day 6 here and here, so now it's time for our Day 7 in Tokyo! Which will also be split into two entries because as we all know, aku memang got no chill when it comes to blogging lololol

Anyway, if you've followed our Tokyo journey, you'd realize that we kept going to Shibuya Crossing in the evenings after our activities for the day. We hadn't experienced Shibuya in broad daylight so when we had a free morning  on our seventh day in Tokyo, we decided to head down to Shibuya to lepak at Starbucks and take some pictures and videos.

Breakfast was at a standing sushi bar before we headed to a cat cafe in Shinjuku! 

I know, I know, we already went to cat cafe in Asakusa few days before this but I really felt  tak puas so Saliheen suggested going to another one hehe. So I did some online research and decided on Calico Cat Cafe (you can read more details here and reviews here) - it's the one with the white and brown signboard on the 5th floor of this building:


Ahhhhh, I really wanted to squish them and turn them all into nasi kucing penyet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed my time at Calico and find it better than the one we went to in Asakusa. It is an actual cat cafe setting, the staff don't keep glancing over when you interact with the cats, and the place is spacious because there are 2 levels! More freedom to walk around and laze with the cats, who are also more playful and more willing to layan you.

That is, if you have treats for them ah hahahaha, you guys know how annoyingly eksyen cats can be!!! Kalau ada makanan baru dorang datang, kalau takde, bo layan. You can buy treats for the cats (chargeable at ¥200, which is about S$2.50), you will get a mini tupperware of plain shredded chicken meat (you only get dry treats for the cat cafe in Asakusa). 

I really loved the feeding part because dengan serta merta you will become very popular with the cats hahahaha sial betul satu satu, ada makanan baru korang nak datang and "sayang sayang" aku eh. And I've never fed cats straight from the palm of my hand before... it was very ticklish because of their bristly tongues! I mean, I knew cats have "rough" tongues which help them clean their fur bodies but I did not expect it to be that bristly! Still so cute though, I can just stare at their little adorable tongues licking up treats from my bare hands allllllll day everyday seh.

Anyway, we paid about ¥1000 (S$12.50) for 1 hour per person for entry to the cat cafe, and here's a tip I read online that proved to be beneficial: Go to a cat cafe in the morning, right after it opens would be the best! Because there won't be much people around and you will get more time alone to play with the cats! Very puas hati ok. We left at around half an hour before noon, when other guests started streaming into the cat cafe and competing for the cats' attention muahahaha

We then left Shinjuku for another special experience for the next part of the day... JAPANESE ONSEN!!!!!!! 

For those who are not familiar with onsen and how it usually works, it's when you go to a public bathing facility (usually around hot springs) and you mandi and berendam with other guests of the same gender. And yes, when you mandi, what do you have to be? You have to be bogel, right? So yes, when you mandi in the onsen you also have to be bogel. With strangers. Who are also bogel. HAHAHA KBYEEEEEEE

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