Tokyo Travels: Day 8 (LAST DAY!)

Actually there is nothing much to blog about our last day in Tokyo ah, but I still want to create a post sebab nak cakap pasal beef udon noodles kat Narita International Airport HAHAHAHAHA #PBG TERSERLAH!

We spent the early part of the day just walking around Shinjuku (Lumine malls and Takashimaya belakang hotel) before hopping on the Narita Express train to the airport at around 3.30pm. Our flight back to Singapore was only at 8.50pm so we had lots of free time... which we used up by eating three different meals in the airport before our flight HAHAHAHA ROSAK

Our first stop was Kineya Mugimaru Restaurant, which is located at Terminal 1, Central Building, Level 5. It's a self-service restaurant that specializes in thick handmade udon noodles and serves sides of tempura and onigiri.

I had the udon noodles with beef which was SO SEDAP OK. I love the flavourful clear broth, I love the springy udon noodles, I love the perfect soft boiled egg, and I love the tender beef slices. Makan sampai terhantuk benjol beb. Tapi kan, because this meal was so delicious and comforting, it made the reality of us already leaving Tokyo even more unbearable seh :,(

Andddddddddddddd that is all for my entry on our last day in Tokyo 2016 HAHAHAHA ANTI-CLIMATIC TAK

Now I'm left to wrap up my tales in Tokyo in an overview post (as I always do, after every trip) so you guys can stop sighing and wondering whether my Tokyo posts will ever end hahahaha so lama right, if this blog could tumbuh uban, it would!


  1. Hi, the price in their menu is include tax or not?

    1. If you looked at the picture, you would have seen that the price in bigger size is the price without tax, and the price below it is the one with tax.

    2. sorry before, because i was "zoom in" that picture on my laptop but the resolution of that picture is not good enough to zoom in. Thanks for your answer, and keep blogging..


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