Weekend in Krabi - All Around Krabi Town

Went to Krabi Town on our last night in Krabi!

Krabi Town is about 30 to 40 minutes away from the main Ao Nang Beach (where our accommdations were) so we booked Krabi Shuttle again because we wanted a fast and reliable private transport. 1200 baht (S$47.20) for round-trip!

If you don't want to spend money on private transport, then there's always the local public "buses" called songthaew (read more here and here). It's not really a bus in the conventional sense ah - more like open-air van with two rows of seats facing each other. It's cheaper at 50 baht (S$2.00) per person per trip, but take note the songthaew won't move off until they fill the whole vehicle ok. So kalau you first person to naik then you kena tunggu la sampai cukup quota.

Oh, here's a tip: If you ever need an air-conditioned space and clean toilet while in Krabi Town, exit from the bazaar and turn towards your left (where 7-Eleven is, see picture below) and walk down straight until you see a cafe attached to a hotel. The hotel name is Snoozz Hotel and the cafe name is Cafe Amazon. Saliheen and I discovered it by chance so we took the opportunity to cool down and take toilet breaks in the cafe after making a purchase hehe. Pictures of the cafe here.

The chicken noodle soup and the mini quail eggs are my favourites from the night!!!!! And so damn cheap wtf, 50 baht (S$2.00) for a steaming hot bowl of chicken noodles with soup, 20 baht (S$0.80) to 30 baht (S$1.20) for most of the street food. Lantak sampai perut macam nak meletup, y'all.

Tapi tau tak siapa yang betul betul perut nak meletup malam tu????? Laki aku hahahaha. 

The reason why tak banyak gambar from the night is because Saliheen came down with food poisoning wtf. He broke out in cold sweat half an hour after our massage session and just seconds before we boarded our private shuttle to Krabi Town seh. Nasib baik it didn't come during our massage and scrub session, and nasib baik we were in a private enclosed shuttle seh. Might have been more nauseating for him if we were in a open-air public transport with other people! 

We don't really know for sure what caused his food poisoning but we suspect it might be the soya bean milk he had during breakfast? We shared the same food for every meal; that soya bean milk was the only thing I didn't consume but he did.

But then again, I've always had a stronger tummy than him so it is entirely possible that I consumed the same contaminated food and not be affected la hahaha. There is a reason why my mum calls it my perut besi even though it's lembik and droopy, which are not properties of besi haha! Saliheen also keeps telling everyone I have a filtration system in my perut, which is why my perut has two layers EH JANGAN DENGKI AH

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