Weekend in Krabi - Halal Food

I think one of the reasons why my sisters brought my parents to Krabi is because it is easy to find halal food.

And it's true - there is really no need for recommendations for halal food in Krabi because they are everywhere! Which is something you'd come to expect when the population of the area is predominantly Muslim la haha. I still like to talk about food though (is that even a surprise...) so here are the things we ate in Krabi during our recent weekend trip:

First restaurant we went to after arriving in Krabi - Rakan Seafood. We wanted to eat before going to a tailor and it was the first halal restaurant we stumbled across (it is in between Holiday Inn Resort and the tailor shop we were headed to)

We spent 600 baht (S$23.60) for 2 plates of fried rice, a bowl of tomyam soup, a plate of mango salad and two drinks. Enjoyed the fried rice and mango salad, tomyam soup was ok but not the best. Staff was welcoming though, and can speak Malay! (I first encountered a Malay-speaking Thai in Phuket in 2009 so this wasn't surprising)

Another place where we bought food (a few times) was this long row of street stalls opposite the tailor shop we went to (Andy the Tailor, which I will blog about in another entry).

We had the classic nutella banana pancakes, but the ones we really came back for were the meat on sticks - my favourite is the stick of beef meatballs doused in thai chilli sauce! Now that I think about it, maybe I should host a Thai street food themed makan party eh?! IDEA EH?! 

We also had lunch at one of the street stalls selling dishes, noodles and rice sets, I can't remember the name but there was a halal sign and about four Thai makciks in hijab fussing over stoves. Food looked good and there were two empty seats left so we plopped ourselves down for an authentic Thai street food experience.

Saliheen had fried rice whereas I had white rice with coconut milk seafood soup, which was yummers! Also shared a plate of mango salad (this became our staple dish at every meal hehe). Only paid 200 baht (S$7.80) for the whole meal, which is dirt cheap and 1/3 of the price we paid at Rakan (which, to be fair, is a restaurant albeit an old-fashioned one). Thank you God for giving me this burning love and heavy-duty stomach built for cheap and good street food!!!!!

Later that day, we had dinner with my family! We wanted to try May & Zin, which comes highly recommended on TripAdvisor, and only a minute's walk away from our accommodation at Holiday Inn Resort. Unfortunately, the stall was closed when we arrived! Tak tau kenapa, there was no explanation sign, and this was on a weekend night seh.

So we settled for dinner from another stall which is a unit away, Arbadi Restaurant.

Food was okay la, nothing special, and we found out the next day why May & Zin is more popular than them haha. Total cost was super cheap, though! Can't remember the exact price but I think we paid around 1000 ke 1200 baht (S$40++) for 2 plates of steamed fish, 1 plate of grilled squid, 1 plate of vegetables with prawns, 1 plate of mango salad, 1 plate of chicken, 6 plates of white rice and 6 drinks. Kalau kat Singapore tak dapat ah harga gitu. 

Short hair sisters sharing rolled ice cream misrepresented as fried ice cream after dinner haha.

May & Zin

Saliheen and I decided to have lunch at May & Zin the next day since it is only a minute's walk away from our accommodation and we didn't feel like going anywhere farther on this day (we lazed it away with swimming and massages!)

A+++++++++ for presentation, please!!!!!!! Tasted way better than Arbadi too.

We had a plate of phad thai each and shared a plate of mango salad (told you) and a plate of soft shell crab with yellow curry. Yummeh. We weren't planning on the soft shell crab dish but I remembered online recommendations and it looked good on the plate in front of the dude sitting next to us so we added that in at the last minute. Service was good too! I really wouldn't have minded eating here everyday. hari hari dapat makanan lawa and berbunga. Selera, girl.


  1. put me down for the thai street food themed makan party, thanks.

    1. part gini, ada je orang nak volunteer as tribute.

  2. I love May & Zin too! Although their salted egg tak best sgt tapi yang lain best gila.
    and bunga-bunga cinta semua ada. Mak approve!

    U know u can ask us over for the Thai Street Makan Party.
    Aku & Ezdi confirm paling happy. I can help bring a baby in a bikini if you want.

    1. Maybe we should start putting bunga bunga cinta in our dishes too! So kalau ter-tak sedap pun takpe, asalkan cantik and Instagramable hahaha

      Baby in a bikini sounds like a good plan. Please bring one, so sampai rumah aku je tinggal campak masuk dalam oven HAHAHAHA


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