Weekend in Krabi - The Resort

Even before we decided to go to Krabi, I knew I wanted to stay at Holiday Inn Resort Krabi if we ever jejak sana!!!!! 

I read about it on Ezdi's entry in 2013 and dah simpan niat since then ok. I showed pictures of their pool access room to Saliheen, who fell so hard in love with it too! The pool access room was no longer available on Agoda when we wanted to book it so we booked directly via Holiday Inn Resort Krabi's official website. Nak pool access room punya pasal haha.

Journey from airport to resort via Krabi Shuttle took about 40 minutes.

Check-in was quick, and we were given the first pool access room in the Couple Wing, nearest to the lobby, which we loved! I think some people might not like it due to lack of privacy because ada orang lalu lalang from the lobby but we didn't mind it at all. As it is, pool access memang tak private la kan haha. Yang penting, we didn't have to walk so much whenever we wanted to go to the lobby or keluar masuk the resort #pemalasharam

No pictures of the room itself since you can see them here (360 degrees views here, just click on the different tabs to see different areas) but I do want to post a few pictures of my new friend and I in the pool from over three days:

Cute right my unicorn float!!!!!!! Tak cute is when my badak body accidentally rolls off and splashes into the pool hahahahahaha. Anyway, I bought it from this Carousell account for S$90.00. You can find many sellers offering this type of cute pool floats la, this seller just happens to live 10 minutes away from me. Also, if you plan to beli floats yang besar gedabak macam the unicorn or the swan, I highly recommend you beli electric pump jugak. Kalau tak, if you try to blow up the float pakai mulut, it will makan 7 hari 7 malam and your mulut will be the one yang kembang macam boya lolol

Nothing else to say except I love everything we did at the resort!!!!! Which waseat, swim, sleep, repeat. Oh, and two rounds of spa and massages! Hehe. I also love both the early morning dips in the pool and the late night floating sessions while staring into the starry sky with Saliheen... very peaceful and therapeutic 

A few other things that I love about the resort: (1) There is a cluster of food stalls and retail shops (including a 24-hour Family Mart) next to the resort (2) You can access the beach, which is directly opposite the resort (not the best views but it will do just fine if you only intend to tan or read a book by the beach) (3) Hotel staff was friendly and always obliging.

Definitely a resort that we will return to if we make another trip to Krabi for a chill-out holiday - especially if we ever had children someday! We saw tons of families with children, since the resort markets itself as a family-friendly accommodation (as it should, since they have tons of stuff meant for children's comfort and entertainment). It's not as lively or happening as Phuket or Bali in terms of shopping, partying and late night activities, but that's the whole damn point of us having a holiday in Krabi - to makan lots of nice Thai food, get massages and chill out all day everyday. Shiok!


  1. Hey babe, what camera are you using now? Gambar all on pointtttt.

    1. Thank you!!! All thanks to my husband who decided to get a Canon EOS 6D :P I don't know what lens he uses though, I usually tune out when he tells me about his camera lens hahahaha


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