Back from Russia!

HEY GUYS!!!!! I am back from Russia!!!!!!!

Not that anybody cares because I am just another merepek person on the internet hahahaha but whatever I am back to be the rubbish that I am!!! As you can probably tell by now, I am happy to be back.

Wanted to post another entry or two sebelum ke Russia but cita cita tak kesampaian because tiba tiba macam busy gila gitu. We felt rushed during the days nearer to our holiday, which is a first! Selalunya kita dah tercegat and siap sedia 24 hours sebelum fly off. Ini kali we were still folding baju and searching for barang 3 hours sebelum keluar rumah. Haha.

Here is a token picture of me in front of the river at Admiralty Embankment, St Petersburg, Russia ♥

Wish I can terus jump into full mode blogging pasal our holiday in Russia but in the words of my cikgu melayu, masa amat mencemburui kita! Busy busy busy at work and home so blogging has got to wait until I can get a breather - hopefully it'll come sebelum bulan puasa rolls around eh. Ramadhan is in, what, 19 days????? SO FAST. (Says the girl who hantar kain to her tailor already)

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