Birthday in Russia: Moscow (Part 1)

Hey guys!!!!! Rindu I tak?!

Busy ke menjalankan ibadah puasa last month??? Lepas tu busy ke makan lontong and rendang over the Raya weekends??? I pun. Sampai I lupa I tak blog for more than a month already hahahaha #alasan

Sorry la I lost my blogging mojo again! But now that Ramadhan is over and the first two Raya weeks have already passed (first two weeks are the most hectic for me), I'll try to keep this going as much as I can ok. Kalau tak, sampai aku ber-rambut putih berjanggut merah pun masih ah tak tertulis pasal Moscow.

So ok, back to my story pasal our holiday in Moscow. Naturally, Saliheen and I were happy and relieved when we arrived in Moscow because we knew this was waiting for us there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 4 - 8 May 2016

Since it was my birthday trip, Saliheen decided to splurge a little and booked us a room at St Regis Moscow Nikolskaya!!!!! How can I deserve this kind of husband one T.T <----- tears of joy and gratitude and appreciation

To think we got the most basic room in the hotel?!?!?! And it already looks and feels luxurious afffff?! Imagine how crazy extravagant the atas suites are! Actually you no need to imagine one ah, just go through their Instagram tagged location and you will see pictures of guests who are/were staying in those suites lolol

My favourite part of the hotel room has to be bathroom! I mean, just look at it seh!!!!! Very old school elegance gitu. I almost expected air emas to flow out of its taps hahahaha. Water taps pun golden pulak tu! Feeling feeling T.T. Durai aku sekejap (What's up 2005 NKF corruption scandal reference!)

I think the best part of staying at St Regis Moscow Nikolskaya was their butler service?!?!?! The butler who welcomed us and brought us to our hotel room was so warm and kind and helpful! And they have a number you can whatsapp for any help or request, which I thought was pretty nifty. We whatsapped them a few times during our stay for some small requests/enquiries and we always got a response almost immediately. Sungguh best. In our regular lives, semua kena Google sendiri, takde chance to naik lemak lolol

After checking in and washing up, we went out to jalan jalan around our hotel area and went to see the St Basil's Cathedral for the first time! We were tired from our journey from St Petersburg to Moscow but didn't want to waste the day so jadi la jalan jalan sekejap to orientate ourselves.

So magnificent in real life! Ni kita tengok dari belakang because the front part was already boarded up for pre-Victory Day preparations. Which was ok la, because our hotel is next to St Basil's Cathedral so we knew we'd have more opportunities to see it from the front left right segala on other days (Which we did. Both day and night)

Anyway, anyone who reads up pasal St Basil's Cathedral will learn about the infamous legend that Ivan the Terrible ordered for the eyes of the architect who designed St Basil's Cathedral to be removed so he wouldn't be able to recreate such beauty anywhere else!!!!! But itu according to legend la. Kesahihannya akak tak tau eh. I'm more inclined to say that the legend is probably not true la but kings and emperors and tsars did some batshit crazy things during those times so who knows for sure, amirite?

Nothing much after that, kita jalan jalan around and makan dinner je. The next day baru ada more interesting things to share with you all sebab it was their actual day Victory Day celebrations!

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