Raya Music Video 2016

RAYA MV 2016 (MESDY FAMILY) from fazmals on Vimeo.

Long time no blog but there is always time to share my extended family's Hari Raya music video!!!

You can also watch our past music videos - for Raya 2012, click here and for Raya 2013, click here, for Raya 2014, click here (and its accompanying "Terjah" interview sessions here), for Raya 2015, click here.

Love the fact that our extended has grown from strength to strength (Especially my batch of cousins! All of us are married now, which explains why we didn't have much breathing space during our dance segment lol) 

Also love the fact that my husband has morphed from the bewildered new member of the family caught in headlights to a more-than-willing participant in our yearly family tradition hahahahaha seriously our future anak is going to grow up thinking every family makes a music video for hari raya in Singapore HAHAHAHAHA

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