A Week in London: Day 1 - Camden Market, Cereal Killer Cafe, Poppies

Oh mieeennnnnnnnnn... Has it really been a month since we visited London?!

Rasa rasa macam baru last week je balek dari speaking London hahahaha. I don't know if I can blog much la because end of the year is the busiest period for me, both work wise and personal wise. If you've read my blog over the past few years, you'd know I always groan about this!

So anyway. A few days after Aidiladha, Saliheen and I flew over to London with his parents via British Airways and we landed at Heathrow Airport at 5 in the morning! Took the Heathrow Express train to meet his brothers at Paddington Station then we took an Uber to our serviced apartment - we stayed at Studios2Let at North Gower Street, which is a minute's walk to Euston Station. Made it very convenient to gerak to other parts of London!

Had breakfast, visited my brother-in-law's school, then headed for lunch while we waited for our check-in time at 2.00pm. Once we checked in, we had some rest and washed up and then Saliheen and I ventured out to Camden Market on our own. It's about 10 to 15 minutes walk from our apartment so we put our feet to work immediately. 

Lots of apparel and knick knacks; can't really compare it to anything else we have in Singapore - it's kind of like Bugis Market, but not really? A whole lot cooler to me, anyway, we didn't really shop here except for sneakers from a sneaker shop called Offspring. (We even returned on another morning to grab more kicks haha)

We made a stop at Cereal Killer Cafe! The original cafe is located in Bricklane but they've opened another outlet in Camden so we took the opportunity to check it out. To be honest I wasn't expecting much because I mean........... what do you expect from (overpriced) cereal la kan??? Cereal is cereal, no matter what price lolol

The cereal cocktails we chose from their menu were yummy though (we had 'Double Rainbow' and 'Sticky Monkey' with regular milk) and it's a pretty cool hangout place. Tapi aku biased la, I like it only because it has katil to baring baring hahahaha. For what it offers, the cafe itself is probably not worth a special trip if you had to get out of your way to visit, but cool to drop by if it's along your way. The cafe is controversial anyway, you can Google it up but I'll link some articles I've read about them here, here and here in case you're interested.

And of course we hit up a vape shop while we're there! Vaping is normal in London so there are vape shops all over the place but since we had time to spare before dinner in Camden, we dropped by The London Vape Company to lepak. Very clean, uncluttered space, felt a little bit more sterile than the other vafe cafes we've been to but their staff member was friendly and enthusiastic (cheeky fella, as seen above!), we felt at ease immediately. Then he left for his dinner and we went off for ours too... at Poppies' Fish & Chips!

10 out of 10, I highly recommend! That plate of fish and chips was LEGIT AF. 

Jauh panggang dari api when compared to your neighbourhood western stall's fish and chips punya standards ok. Personally I'm not a big fan of cooked fish but I'm ok with cod in fish and chips form when it's done right so that's exactly what I ordered at Poppies - traditional fish & chips, cod please, regular! Mak oi... sedap la seh.

By the way if you're the sort yang senang kenyang, just order the regular size ok. Already very big and filling! Laki aku dengan confidentnya order large serving. Member makan tak habis! Takde makna ikan tu mati untuk jadi santapan makan malam kau lolol. Washed the meal down with an ice cold cup of cream soda, which was AN ABSOLUTE DREAM PLS. So sedap it makes our local F&N ice cream soda drink taste like sabun mandi lolol

Waddled back to our apartment with our fat happy tummies and crashed for the day! Little did we know that our fat happy tummies will be even fatter and happier the next day!!! Good thing we walked everywhere or else we would've gained massive weight kat sana. Pergi macam ikan buntal, balek macam ikan paus. Mampos!


  1. Babe! excited giler to read your blog post! I've researched that london markets are more happening on Sundays. Is it true ? When did you visit Camden and Portobello Market ?

    1. Yayyyyy thanks for being excited with me!!! Hehehe!

      By the way I'm not very sure how true that statement is, because I went to the various markets on other days (not Sunday). So I can't confirm whether it's more happening ah...

      Not sure which markets you're going to though but Google their operating hours first ok? Because as far as I know Borough Market is NOT open on Sunday, Portobello Market has very limited stalls open on Sundays... Camden Market je yang open daily, including Sundays. Have fun researching and good luck on your London trip!


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