A Week in London: Day 2 - Portobello Market, Noodle Oodle, Hyde Park & Meat and Co

If Day 1 was a day of cereal and fish & chips, Day 2 was a day of duck noodles, angus beef steak and EVERYTHING you can eat at Portobello Market!!!!!!! HANGS FLABBY TUMMY IN SHAME HAHAHAHA

Some pictures of the apartment building we stayed at and our bloated morning faces to start off the entry:

I don't have many pictures of all of the food stalls and the food items that we ate as proof because we were sooooo excited by everything we saw and ate, we didn't even stop to take pictures. I liked the atmosphere at Portobello Market too, because it was very joyous and bustling, and there were a few talented buskers lining the streets and singing or playing their musical instruments. Although I have to admit that the sound I remember the most from our walk down Portobello Market was the sound of my own constant chewing ah hahahahaha

We started our food adventure off with cupcakes from  Hummingbird Bakery (icing is ridiculously sweet, please steer clear) and banana nutella crepes then we progressed to legit Spanish churros with chocolate dips, savoury tarts, salmon with cream cheese bagels, grilled toasts with tomato salsa, potato fries with shredded cheddar...................

One of my favourites from the market - hot grilled toast with fresh tomato salsa (it was blended right in front of our eyes) and topped with some salt, pepper and rocket leaves. So simple but so divine.

Takde food stalls with MUIS certificate kat sini but if you tak was was when someone writes halal on a sign then there are halal options in Portobello Market like this chicken paella. Bau dia very mengancam.

Can I officially declare now that I love love LOVE Portobello Market?!?! To be honest, the prices are expensive ah and boleh bankrupt siak jalan down Portobello Market, but I enjoyed myself so much because dapat cuci mata with all of the good looking food and satisfy my tummy with all of the good tasting food. 

Out of all the markets we visited in London (Camden Market, Portobello Market, Borough Market), Portobello Market was the one that made me so happy and macam nak return lagi! Puas hati sangat. I also scored a pretty black long jacket (which you will see somewhere in this entry) from one of the stalls in Portobello Market :D Lots of vintage antiques and kitschy stuff in the market too, if eating yummy street food isn't your thing loser 

Walked into Makan Cafe for a short teh tarik break - they serve traditional Malaysian makan fare too but we were already so stuffed from our trip down Portobello Market (haha) and we already janji to makan lunch at another place with his brothers (who joined us later) so we settled for a round of teh. 

Was slowly sipping my cup of teh tarik when my husband suddenly ejected out from his seat like a rocketship and started to teriak "B MR MIME! MR MIME B MR MIME! B ADA MR MIME SIGHTING NI CEPAT CEPAT CEPAT"

For those who don't speak PokemonGo speak, that was my husband frantically telling me that a rare pokemon called Mr Mime was nearby (He was checking his Pokemon radar just seconds prior). This pokemon is so rare (and thus heavily sought after) that it can only be found in Europe and nowhere else in the world (read this). 

So you can imagine why my husband reacted the way he did and started sprinting out of the cafe lol! I was freaking out in excitement too but had to maintain my cool until I broke out of the cafe doors because my in-laws were sitting stunned in their seats, shaking their head in disbelief at their son's sudden outburst lolol

"Registered to Pokedex" 

Best three words you will ever see as a PokemonGo trainer!!!!! Lololol

Not very high CP la but who cares - I went to London and caught a Mr Mime, bitches. The legit, organic, out in the wild way, not the play cheat spoofing way from another country outside of Europe way okay *pride*

After all that commotion, we finished our teh tarik and grabbed an Uber to meet my brothers-in-law in front of Noodle Oodle for lunch. I looked forward to this meal because I've read rave reviews and ahhhmagaddd the beautiful idea of slurpping down hot flavourful soup on a chilly day ahhhhh gimme gimme gimme. 

Loved the halal duck meat served here! So fatty and chewy, I helped myself to the duck meat platter on top of the duck meat already submerged in my noodle soup mehehehe. I probably consumed so much sodium though, which might explain why I look so bloated in our pictures in Hyde Park. Or maybe I look sembab because I was having the time of the month? Or maybe, you know... I'm just... errrrr................. fat? Lololol

I like how my new jacket falls on my figure though so in my mind that's all that matters hahahaha. And I like taking couple shots with Saliheen because we look so bulat and cute together hehehehe. There are about a million other shots of us together and his family and various solo shots because Hyde Park is such a nice scenic place to take pictures/videos at but malu la nak share. Takde siapa nak tengok pun lolol

We walked to Oxford Street after that to check out the shopping spots - I took the opportunity to 'bookmark' the shops I wanted to go to in my mind heh heh. After a few hours, we jumped on a bus towards Westfield London Shopping Mall because we wanted to sit down and have a nice family dinner at Meat & Co

The food served there were oh so YUMMY! We had the North American Black Angus steak with a dollop of herb butter and some chips, and my throat and tummy made happy little sighs with every bite I took. Sigh. I have to admit it's pricey at £40 for 200 grams of steak but worth the taste and ambience and experience at least once. 

Saliheen and I couldn't stop raving and dreaming of all of the food we had on this day once we got back to our apartment room! Guess it's a good thing kita banyak jalan the next day??? After all we did spend the next day shopping and as we all know, shopping is cardio..................

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